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Dragon Encounter Leveling Trick (How to Level Your Character Fast)

Most of you might already know this but I will still post this for those who are new and just starting this game, just like me.

This works well if you have your other 2 characters in level 1. Also, works better when you're in level 26 to 28 since you are already well equiped and can maximize the 8 tickets.

Step1: use your STAMINA doing the most difficult quest you can and deplete it to just HALF. If you are level 28, I suggest doing Daily Dungeon Level 5 so you can also gather materials for rank up

Step2: use all your TICKETS doing Extra Dungeon. Do the Golem and do it in the highest level possible. If you have the time, be patient and join Level 8, 9 or 10 co op plays. But if you have something else to do(like me), just do the highest level you can solo. In my case it is golem level 5.

Step3: after using all tickets, SWITCH TO A DIFFERENT CHARACTER. Level it ONCE so your tickets will be replenished.

Repeat step 2.

Rinse and repeat

If you are already level 30 and still have the other 2 character in low level, i suggest to keep it that way so you can use them once level cap gets higher.

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