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Dragon Encounter Guide for Newbie Players [Android/iOs]

As you all know, the current max level as of today is Level 30. Thus this guide will be assisting on how to become an above average player especially for non-funded players. Even if you are funded and have cash to spend, you may spend it wisely. I hereby proclaim that this guide is solely from my gameplay perspective as well as the input of many others. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks!

Story Mode:
This mode contains enhancement stones, runes, a bit of gold, magic powder, rank up stones and rubies. (Disclaimer: Rank up stones & rubies are only awarded on first time clearance for certain stages.) It would considerably be one of the best places to rush level during normal times / EXP events. (Hint: An average timing of the suitable place for you to train MANUAL takes around 2 minutes ++ and AUTO might take probably 20 seconds longer.) If you are using potions and spending more than 4 minutes in a stage, do consider going 1 or 2 stage lower so that you can maximize time efficiency. There are different qualities / tier of enhancement stones that you may obtain from the levels. You may check their tier when you press into the specific level. After clearing each level at “SS” rank, you will automatically receive 50 rubies for being such a darling. After each map e.g. Stage 1, 150 rubies will be awarded to you too. There are 3 modes, Story, Hard & Hell. (E.g. 3 stamina, 6 stamina & 8 stamina respectively) RUNES (I will go into that later…)

Tower of Infinity (TOI):
Very obvious, it has INFINITE levels. Clear as much as you can to get gold. It WORKS on 2x gold. So save up your tickets and spam it during the event. Can only do SOLO.

Daily Dungeon:
Every day consist of different element materials except Saturday and Sunday. You may hunt from here to rank up your equipments.
Monday - Lightning Tuesday - Fire Wednesday - Ice Thursday - Poison Friday - Neutral Saturday - GOLD (and enhancement stones) Sunday - EXP (and enhancement stones) (Note:I am still thinking, is the stamina worth it? Or better run normal dungeons.)

Extra Dungeon:
Enter by using tickets, every level offers different equipment as a reward. (By luck, you may also get another job equipment, SUCKS!). Do it on Co-op mode as the mobs are rather tough for newbies. From 1* to 3, don’t find it much special if you already have 3 equipment and above. [Hint: Follow this guide until the end, then you will know why I sometimes do hunt this dungeon] :)

Raid (Level 20 onwards): Hello Mr. Dragon! This is a good place to farm for accessories. Necklace on stage 1 and spirit ring at Stage 2. I haven’t try Stage 3… Anyone did already?

OK! Due to popular votes, I shall stop the introduction and off to discuss strategies to best utilise RUBIES!

Rubies can be obtained different ways. It depends on how patient you are and how fast you progress or how rich you are:
*Clearing story mode stages in SS rank for the first time. (E.g. story, hard, hell)
*Completing one whole chapter will give you 150 ruby.
*Completing daily, weekly, continuous and event mission.
*Completing different dungeons.
*Rewards from TOI weekly ranking.
Or….. *buy using your credit card.

How to utilize your ruby? I am not sure either. Every game is about probabilities and just probability. I am lucky, maybe you are not, vice versa. These are some steps that I took as a starter: I gacha-ed a weapon and luckily it was 4. As long as it is a high tier 3*, I believe would be good enough to last you till lvl 30.
EVENT? Many people were in a dilemma whether it is wise to spend 450 ruby for a Novice Package, 600 for Stamina Package, 8,000 for Knightage Package. (Personal opinion: I bought Novice Package for the ring and it was wasted. I could have hunt it in Raid Level 2. Some people questioned whether was it wise to get a 4 equipment for 8,000 ruby. Personally? I think not worth it. BUT, it’s all about probabilities people!) I will highly recommend you guys to gacha equipment at 5,000 ruby for 11 equipments. Whether to redraw or not? Depends on your luck during the 1st round.
*Here comes avatar! A.k.a. costumes. There are 2 sets i.e. Bear Set and Scholar set. Bear set rather useless so I shall talk about Scholar set. EACH PART boosts 0.8% of your damage. So if you get 5 Scholar parts? 4.0% damage increase. So for 1,000 damage you have, you add 40 damage into your pocket. Sounds good? BUT, potentially you will get the same item each time.
Another simple tactic to do without consuming Ruby, I get 1 weapon of “high tier” and enhance it until 5* to boost damage. BUT, DO NOT rank up. WHY? Tell you later. Just don’t. It consumes a lot and a lot of enhancement stone, but if you have free time, why not? :) Please complete your daily and weekly missions. Gives you quite a lot of FREE RUBY!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

Question: What level do I need to start upgrading my gear? 

There is no perfect timing. Do it along the way as you progress. But most importantly you enhance the correct gear so that no resources is wasted. I would suggest weapon first.

Question: What gears to look out for? 

I believe gears are almost equal. There is a range of each weapon, low ~ high. E.g. Sword A you may obtain 30 ~ 35 atk. So if you get 35 atk weapon, enhance it and then evolve. Subjected to what level and how much damage you want to deal. There is no perfect weapon in online gaming. There will be better and better and better, so don’t worry.

Question: Should I rank up my weapon first or evolve it first? 

You need to have a look at the level required to evolve the weapon. If an unranked 4* EQ, it takes level 30 to make it 5. But if you enhance it, it will probably be 34~38. Based on the current level cap at 30, it is then impossible to upgrade your weapon to 5 now. But if you gacha a 4* weapon + 1, it doesn’t matter already whether to rank up first or enhance because there won’t be any evolving already.

Question: What is the minimum attack and maximum attack for each weapon? 

To be honest, I do not know how to answer your question. But don’t take it likely. The difference is a lot! It may be from 1.5k ~ 2k difference in attack. Equally 4* but the difference is very big. But you can easily compare the difference between weapons of similar grade. From my humble opinion, just look at the weapon of the same grade. There will be huge difference between high tier and low tier. Will try to get some pictures later.

Question: Skill builds? 

I am only playing archer so I cannot say for all. Depends on whether you want to be DPS (Damage per second) or DPM (Damage per minute).. Some skills with high DPS burst out damage instantly. Some has higher damage (if you put it higher levels) over time. E.g. Exit Shot for archer is so much DPM compared to arrow shower. Thus I kept arrow shower at level 1. Haha.

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