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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Tip: Take advantage of the Half-stamina / Double XP Now (Must Read)

Take advantage of the half-stamina / double XP promotion for the main storyline:

Why: If you did the tournament, you discovered how important stamina is. With this event you can dramatically increase your rank in order to use LESS DragonStones (DS) the next time a Tournament happens. Less DS used translates into more pulls.
  • Collect the new sets of Dragonballs that came out a few weeks ago
  • Level up your teams
  • Collect Dragonstones for the 20 DS summon event
  • Take advantage of the Goku event update:
Why: If you are not at the endgame stage (you still have story stones to farm), this event is probably the only event you can farm at Z-Hard right now. The payoff is worth it. Farming is pointless at anything under Z-Hard difficulty. To do so, you need good cards. This event allows you to obtain a solid UR and an underrated SSR, both at SA 10 very quickly and kickstart your Z-hard farming career. You should prioritize this event.

Get yourself a UR TEQ SSJ Goku, a SSR AGL Goku and a SR TEQ Goku with each a SA (special attack level) 10.

Warning: With this event, like other events (Frieza), people tend to get the final card and stop farming the event. Don't do that! SSR AGL Goku is worth farming again. In the case of the Frieza event, Golden Frieza links VERY well with Mecha Frieza. Yet a lot of people turned their Mech into a Golden and did not bother farming themselves another Mecha at SA 10. If your an optimist, you should do that with medals too. My own TEQ SSJ Goku took zero medal farming because I had a bunch of Goku medals left over. If for whatever reasons you have a card that you can bump right away, farm its medals and do it later.

Ahhhh I don't know who to awaken, where to spend my medals, what to do with my box!

The general rule is that "natural" SSRs should be prioritized as they are the most powerful cards in the game since they awaken to UR.

Okay, I have a full SSR/UR team that has good links and solid mono-teams. Everyone is at Super or Extreme. What next?

Do the Bojack event! This is the perfect event to go collect that SSR PHY Gohan with a shiny SA 10. He is easy to farm and the payoff is tremendous. He is easily the best SR card you can get at this point on Global.

Also, events with strong farmable INT cards are VERY common (Mecha Frieza). A good PHY card will make your life much easier.

In general, farming events is kind of like dominos, you need to build yourself a strong mono team to farm the event from the weak colour so that you can build yourself a strong mono team of that colour. Then, using this new team, you go after the next colour. Rinse and repeat and boom, you have a solid foundation of cards with SA10, often +3 ki leaders, that can host whatever cards you draw.

I'm running out of medals and zeni! What should I do!

The last stage of the Bojack event and the week-end event are Mister Satan levels with lots of Zeni. Farm those.

For medals, do the daily events like crazy. Level up those mono teams and rotate the characters to level everyone in your box.

How do I get great cards/build myself a box without purchasing DS all the time. On what should I spend my DS?

In order:

1 - Summon Events with either better rates/guaranteed SSRs or some kind of bonus (like a multi for 20 stones). Obviously you'll want to do a multipull.

2 - Friend pulls (single or multi).

3 - Multi normal event pulls.

4 - Single normal event pulls.

Warning: Take note that some R cards are dramatically better than others if you are starting off. When you are starting off and your mono teams are weak, a leveled up R card with the Perfect Guard is no joke. Search the subreddit using the search bar for posts on these golden nuggets.

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