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Destiny Will Have New Sparrow Racing League + PS4 Exclusive Content

Bungie just announced on PSX a sparrow racing league, allowing players to race around on the workmanlike little bikes that have been in the game since day 1, but rarely seen much more use than getting from point A to point B.

Bungie didn't reveal any nitty-gritty detail about the new racing aside from a teaser trailer, but we can assume some PvP races, and, from the looks of things, some AI enemies in the mix too.PS4 players get exclusive sparrows and gear. I hope this comes with slightly more sparrow customization as well — anything to give a little depth to the underdeveloped vehicle system is good news. The most important thing, however, is how different this game mode looks from anything we’ve yet seen in the game. Bungie wants Destiny to be something of an all consuming experience, and variety is absolutely crucial to that. You can check out the teaser trailer below by the way:

Of course, the question then becomes: can Bungie make a racing game? We knew they could make a shooter, but they had more than their fair share of hiccups trying to translate their Halo knowledge to something that looks more like an MMO. Racing games are an entirely different beast, though,and if this is going to succeed it not only needs to be an integrated part of the Destiny world, but also stand on its own as an actually fun racing game. Expect tweaks. Expect lots of tweaks.

Here's the details on what was announced by Bungie to be added on Destiny in a few days:


Starts: Tuesday December 8th
Ends: Tuesday December 29th

  • There will be a quest
  • Reward includes a new sparrow
  • Will be on Mars and Venus
  • 6 player races
  • Two tracks
  • Infinite Descent (Venus Race Track) Advanced
  • Campus Martius (Mars Race Track) Simpler
  • Available to anyone who owns Destiny: The Taken King
  • This includes Playstation AND Xbox Players
  • Amanda Holiday will be running the event.
Earn new rewards
  • Sparrows
  • Gear
  • New Class items
  • Dye-able Race Suits
  • Some items will be 320 light
  • New Emotes, Sparrows, and a Sparrow Racing Bounty Book can be bought at Eververse Trading Company.
  • Matchmaking for racing.
Iron Banner

  • Will be this month (December)
  • Available to Playstation and Xbox users (as usual)
  • Gear will still be available to ALL users
  • There will be some gear exclusive to Playstation users
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