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Destiny: Warpriest Challenge Now Live (Someone Just Beat it in 2 Minutes)

As most predicted, beating the Warpriest Challenge will net players a 320 artifact on Hard Mode, which clears the way for them to hit max light level. Additionally, players are guaranteed a 320 light level drop from the Warpriest’s loot table, meaning they can earn a sniper rifle, rocket launcher, or heavy machine gun with an attack rating of 320. 

NOTE: there is a Normal mode challenge for Warpriest with guaranteed 310 items for any players looking to make the jump up in light.

Beating the Warpriest also unlocks a unique emblem and one of the three remaining Calcified Fragments. That said, it’s still too early to tell if completing the 50-fragment set nets players anything special. Capturing 45 unlocked Touch of Malice, a very useful exotic primary for the raid, so perhaps 50 unlocks a similarly helpful weapon. Or maybe it’s simply part of a set and not worth much.

Either way, we should find out what the Challenges are for the next two bosses in the coming weeks, assuming they are scheduled on a weekly rotation. Next Tuesday should be the Golgoroth challenge, which we have heard will make the single orb strategy useless, followed by the Oryx Challenge. Hopefully those two challenges offer something a little different than “kill the boss quickly.

But before we indulge ourselves to other challenges, a player has just beaten this challenge in 2 minutes. Yup this is true! In fact, Giggle_Monster (the one that beated the challenge in 2 minutes), is streaming on twitch right now. You can check the stream here later. When I saw this, now I wonder if those hype that challenge mode makes King's Fall harder were true?

Before you leave, you can check out some tips and guides below on how to beat Warpriest Challenge easily.

Some friendly tips in beating Warpriest Challenge in minutes:
  • You must have different aura holders in ALL of your phases. 
  • You cannot have the same person hold the aura otherwise the rewards won't drop. 
  • You can have someone die and you do NOT need to beat him in two phases.
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Credits: Special thanks to Arekzz Gaming and Giggle_Monster for the tips and guides.