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Destiny TTK TIp: If You Play Defender a Lot, Then Go Grab a Deidris Retort!

Well, not really a class-specific weapon and you can use this on other classes but, I really find Deidris Retort, a really awesome and fit weapon for Defenders. So, if you are playing Defenders a lot, I would highly recommend using this weapon.

Why is it good? There are three reasons:

#1 Full-Auto

Full-Auto is great for both PvE and PvP, essentially doubling fire rate on shotguns. This allows you to put out a lot of hurt quickly. This archetype of shotgun allows you to fire off two shots faster than the default double melee. When running Armor of Light, Full-Auto allows you to melt people that enter your bubble, including enemies in their supers (Arc Blade, Storm Trance, Hammer of Sol, Radiance).

Full-Auto is great on shotguns for Titans because, even after the buff, their melee range is still less than a lot of classes. Firing two quick shotgun blasts is generally more reliable than shotgun melee.

The only downside is that full-auto increases shotgun spread. However, when working in tandem with Ward of Dawn, you shouldn't see the spread significantly impact anything.

#2 Quickdraw

Most people prefer a range perk on their shotguns, but QuickDraw is incredibly useful for dealing with shotgun rushers, especially after the nerf to handling that shotguns received. QuickDraw allows you to whip out your shotgun lightning fast, which works great if you are more of a defensive player. I wouldn't recommend this shotgun as a "primary" weapon, but if you put a few rounds into a shotgun rusher, you can quick swap to your shotgun and finish them off with relative ease.

QuickDraw also "works both ways," meaning it does increase your swap speed to other weapons, just only as much as the increased "stow" speed of your shotgun. For best results, I'd pair it with a Primary with QuickDraw or Single Point Sling. This essentially will give you the Bladedancers QuickDraw perk from their skill tree, which is one of the best neutral game perks in the game.

#3 Replenish

This perk is amazing for Defenders, and pretty meh for every other class. Ward of Dawn is the only super that isn't inherently about lethality. So you need to use weapons in tandem with WoD in order to be successful.

So drop a bubble, fill your shotgun. This is great for Iron Banner for when you want to capture B but your shotgun is bone dry. Just remember not to reload if you're about to drop your bubble, or the perk goes to waste. Also, be sure to pitch your grenade before you drop your bubble, since casting WoD gives you your abilities back.

So there you go. If you're one of the 3 people playing Defender in PvP, invest in Deirdris's Resort!

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