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Destiny TTK: Things You Should Know First Before Trying the Oryx Challenge Mode

Okay. I know that Oryx challenge mode has been live for the past few hours and I know that many guardians are trying to do it by now. If you're still not doing the challenge mode, then you can read the things you should know first about the Oryx Challenge this week.

This way, you'll not end up like those guardians (including me) asking on forums and groups what did we do wrong that we didn't get any rewards after finishing the Oryx fight.

  • the challenge mode requirement is simply having FOUR MASSIVE DETONATIONS at once (16 bombs at the same time)
  • it has nothing to do with which people killed ogres or switching runners
  • you will have to fight the Shade of Oryx at least 3 times per transition phase
  • you do not detonate any of the bombs until the final cycle
  • you detonate all 16 bombs at the same time
  • Based on Bungie's clue: *"Four Oryx. Fouryx. Slams for days". With this strat, you are killing the Shade of Oryx thrice, then Oryx once, hence "four Oryxes".
  • IT MAY NOT be possible to do this via No Knight method. You have to kill the Knights to prevent them from eating the bombs.
  • I don't know if there's a different requirement/method for this because, according to some people, they were unable to get the rewards if they did 4 perfect cycles as we all do normally.
  • Do the fight normally, killing Ogres, killing Knights. Assigning platform-jumpers 1, 2, 3, floaters, runner, whatever you usually do.
  • Shoot Oryx to stagger. Kill mobs.
  • DO NOT detonate bombs.
  • IF YOU DO NOT DETONATE BOMBS Oryx will summon the Shade Dimension for the transition, NOT the artillery barrage. This is what we want.
  • Kill thralls that spawn.
  • Oryx will move to the front and cast his "Dimension" so kill Knights on the left and right platforms.
  • Kill the shade.
  • Re-do the whole jumping/relic thing we all do.
  • Repeat this until the FOURTH CYCLE.
  • As usual, kill stuff. Stagger Oryx. Kill mobs.
  • Have four people run to each cluster of bombs. Detonate at the same time.
  • Kill Oryx
  • a second chest will appear
  • Normal Mode = calcified fragment, 310 weapon or helmet, and 310 artifact
  • Hard Mode = normal mode rewards, plus emblem, plus 320 weapon or helmet, 320 artifact, and a ship
  • Eris also gives you the Beltane shader, other goodies, plus 500 Crota's Bane rep. This is the reward for getting all 50 fragments per character.
For more reference, you can check out the video below:

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Credits: Special thanks to hujyhkam for the tips and video