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Destiny TTK: How a Team Beat Oryx Without Using Any Guns!

Lately Guardians have been bullying Crota as they have beaten it on various ways. Some beat it with a Rock Band Drum Stick Kit, others beaten it with a DDR mat and others beat it with their voice. All of these methods clearly shows that Crota is cheese for Guardians. I know, this is really crazy!

Well, Crota is actually easy but what's even crazier news is beating the big boss, yes I'm talking about Oryx, in a really astonishing way. I'm not talking about beating Oryx with any of the method above, I'm talking about beating Oryx WITHOUT USING GUNS! Now that's really crazy!

Yes, I'm not joking about this one. Lately, a Fireteam composed by CommanderCuesta, Doctor RDG, hackme24, OG Danimalls, Senior Snubby, and TheGrreatGatsby took the time on showing how they beat Oryx without using any guns.

Instead of using firearms, the players utilized melee attacks, Tripmine grenades, and each of the Guardians’ Specials to keep baddies at bay and kill Oryx. The squad was a 6-person team, and was comprised of 4 Hunters with Celestial Nighthawk, 1 Titan with Ward of Dawn, and 1 Warlock with Song of Flame.

Essentially, the 4 Hunters used Celestial Nighthawk to kill all 4 Ogres while CommanderCuesta (the Warlock) took out the vessel, and generated orbs for everyone. The Titan was the runner in charge of punching Thralls, creating orbs for team Supers, and grabbing the relic as quickly as possible. For the most part, Oryx was defeated using a combination of Golden Gun shots and spammed grenades, but such a description is reductive of the players’ actual achievement, so it’s best for fans to check out the feat in the video below.

This is far from the first time the members of this squad have taken on the King’s Fall Raid with outlandish stipulations put in place. As it happens, the group is comprised of veritable Destiny all-stars. CommanderCuesta was one of two players who beat Oryx together as dual-person team a couple of months back, and TheGrreatGatsby went on to best that challenge just two weeks ago, by successfully defeating The Taken King single-handedly in a solo raid.

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SOURCE: Reddit