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Destiny: Proof That Black Spindle is Actually the Best Sniper For DPS-ing Raid Bosses

Credits: Is Black Spindle the Best Raid Sniper for Boss Damage? - The Sniper DPS Test by Bastian007

This had me wondered for a while. For a long time, I had the idea that the Black Spindle is the best sniper for DPS. Seems obvious right? No reload, just shooting, non-stop. Well, I tested it out.

So here are some facts about the testing, before I get into the numbers
  • I consider the testing in ideal circumstances, meaning all crit-shots land at the fastest rate of fire possible
  • I took a couple of snipers with each a different archetype into the testing.
  • I tested the damage on a level 2 vandals' head, so attack of any year 2 sniper shouldn't matter. And the damage on any (raid/strike) boss should scale up equally, as long as the snipers have the same light level, and you are over the light level of the boss
  • The snipers I tested are one of the most popular choices i've seen in the raid runs I've done. (Yes, some guy took his glass promontory and claimed it to be viable. So guy, if you see this, here are the results)
  • Black Spindle (highest Impact)
  • 1000-Yard Stare (High Impact)
  • Eirene RR4, With luck in the chamber (High Impact)
  • Defiance of Yasmin (Mid Impact)
  • Glass Promontory (Low Impact)
So how did I do the testing? Well, really simple. I fired all the bullets at the vandals head and noted the damage. Here's a quick List
  • Black Spindle: 1 961
  • Eirene RR4: 1 809
  • Eirene RR4 (lucky Round): 2352
  • 1000-Stare: 1809
  • Defiance of Yasmin: 1484
  • Glass Promontory: 1158
So it's simple to say that the highest damage possible in a single bullet is the eirene rr4 lucky round. It's also noticeable that both the eirene and the 1000-Stare do exactly the same damage, even though the stats of the eirene say that the impact is higher. Lies... !

Next up, I did a lot of work with numbers. So what I had to do is capture the rate of fire of every sniper on a video. That way, I could framecapture how much time there is between every shot, resulting into the exact rate of fire of every sniper. So I counted the frames between every shot, and divided that by 30 (yes, this game is in 30 fps, stop dreaming), and that gave me the time per bullet (in seconds). And Damage/Time per Bullet = Pure DPS (DPS without reloading considered), on the vandals head. I ranked the snipers from highest dps to lowest. Results:
  • LiTC Eirene RR4: 2244
  • Defiance of Yasmin: 2120
  • 1000-Stare: 2087
  • Glass Promontory: 2044
  • Black Spindle: 1898
So it's funny to see that the black spindle is at the bottom of the list. The eirene has a significant lead, and, all the other snipers are pretty equal. Good job on balancing bungie! Ps. For the eirene luck in the chamber, I converted the impact from a lucky round into dividing the bonus damage by 4, so that way I made every bullet in the magazine do 1/4th of the luck in the chamber bonus, and calculated the dps that way.

It looks like it's all in the reload, and the amount of times having to reload. it's interesting to see that the black spindle has the lowest dps without reloading considered. But that's what the gun is about. It doesn't require reloading at all, so once we add the reload times, it will only rise in the list.

So here I considered two versions of both the eirene and the 1000-stare. The Yasmin and Glass Prom. got one version tested because they have limited perk options available. 1000-Stare
  • One with regular, non-relevant perks
  • One with the best PvE-roll possible: Triple tap+Casket Mag+Ambush (I left Spray n Play out because I'll discuss that at the end of this post) Eirene
  • One with luck in the Chamber
  • One with Triple Tap & Casket Mag (scopes don't influence reload speed on eirene)
All I had to do was record the reload on a video, count how many frames there are between the last shot before reload and the first shot after reloading, and subtract that by the frames of one shot! Shot (Time Started) --- Reload --- Shot (Time Stopped) = Reload Time+ Time of One Shot This way, I know the exact reload time of every sniper. Now, All required is to figure out how many times every sniper has to reload to empty the whole inventory, even if the last round requires one more reload, I'd still add the time of one more reload to empty a full inventory of that sniper. The full inventory is considered with two armor pieces having both sniper rifle ammo, so basically maxed out capacity on every sniper.

Now for the triple tap snipers, free rounds are given into the magazine, thus into the inventory, so those rounds are added to the ammo capacity as well. So here's a list of all the inventory sizes with two armor pieces (legs and chest armor) with full sniper ammo. I also included the amount of times you'd have to reload to empty the sniper. (note: every magazine has to be emptied completely before reloading)
  • 1000-Stare: 24 (5 Reloads)
  • CM+TT 1000-Stare: 33 (4 Reloads)
  • LiTC Eirene: 23 (5 Reloads)
  • CM+TT Eirene: 32 (4 Reloads)
  • Black Spindle: 24 (0 Reloads)
  • Glass Promontory: 24 (5 Reloads)
  • Defiance of Yasmin: 24 (5 Reloads)
  • Triple Tap Only 1000-Stare: 30 (5 Reloads)
  • Spray'n Play 1000-Stare Only: 24 (5 Reloads)
  • Triple Tap + Spray 'n Play 1000-Stare: 30 (5 Reloads)
Okay. We are getting there. Next:
(Inventory size x time per bullet) + (Amount of reloads x Time per reload)= Time to empty the whole clip.


Inventory Size x Damage per bullet = total damage


Total damage/Time to empty whole inventory = Real DPS (with reloads)

There's your formula... Don't worry, I did the math for you! There we Go. So the next list is going to contain the realistic dps (reloading included) on every sniper I discussed in ideal circumstances! Hyped? No? Okay...

So the Winner is..
  • Black Spindle: 1898
  • 1000-Stare (TT+S&Pl): 1809
  • 1000-Stare (S&Pl): 1751
  • 1000-Stare (CM+TT): 1613
  • Eirene (CM+TT): 1567
  • 1000-Stare (TT): 1487
  • Eirene (LitC): 1423
  • 1000-Stare (Regular): 1387
  • Glass Promontory: 1169
  • Defiance of Yasmin: 1156
Ps. The Spray n' Play (S&Pl) Versions are with sniper loader gloves, because that was the only reload time I had recorded (those versions were added later than this post was made).

So Boom! there is it. Reason Eirene is Lower than 1000-Stare is because is has to reload the last clip containing only 3 bullets istead of 4 for the 1000-stare. This is thanks to the small inventory size of the eirene, even with armor perks, doesn't reach cap of 24. So the Black Spindle is the winner, not having to reload is absolutely golden in therms of dps, obviously. There is no way to out DPS a sniper that has insta-reload...

...Or is there?

I mean, given the fact that the 1000-stare has more DPS than a Spindle, without reloading considered... What if we crank up the reload speed of a 1000-stare soo hard, that the Actual DPS of the 1000-stare becomes equal to higher than a Black Spindle. Would that be possible, just with perks? Let's Find Out!

So there's one perk we didn't consider yet: Spray'n Play! Emptying the magazine size of a sniper dramatically increases reload speed, ideal for bosses! And then there is.. Sniper loader gloves, another 33% (correct me if wrong) boost to reload speed! Those combined would makes the dps on a 1000-yard stare with triple tap & casket mag (I framecaptured the new reload again):
  • Perfect 1000-Stare with sniper gloves: 1877
  • Black Spindle: 1898
Ohhh noo Too bad, we almost made it though! So Yup, in most situations, the black spindle IS the true winner when it comes to DPS!

...Only non-reliable options like having force barrier active, being in an aura with the "buddy system" perk, having surge or fleet fire active, could temporarily make the perfect 1000-stare out-dps a Spindle. We've gotten very close though! And a 1000-stare is not exotic. Oh and not to mention a perfect 1000-stare generates bullets for free too! Okay... So as a result of the testing, I was curious to see how much total damage you could do with emptying every sniper I tested.

If the whole inventory was unloaded in one go, the total damage onto golgoroth hard mode with all snipers being 320 would be...
  • 1000-Stare (Triple Tap & Casket Mag): 2 275 944
  • Eirene RR4 (Triple Tap & Casket Mag): 2 206 976
  • 100-Stare (Triple Tap, Without Casket Mag): 2 069 040
  • Black Spindle : 1 794 311
  • Defiance of Yasmin: 1 357 857
  • Glass Promontory: 1 059 568
So there it is people! Yes, 5 full inventory's of a perfect 1000-Stare would kill golgoroth completely (without WoL, Shadowshot), 5 Spindles Wouldn't! Oh and we need about 10 Promontory's. Those low impact snipers... Exited? No? Okay...

So (TL;DR), A Spindle would 99% of the time have the most DPS of all snipers. This is without taking heavy/primary into consideration. But a Perfectly/good Rolled 1000 Yard stare would definitely come close. And in the realest situations where you occasionally miss a shot, it feels like the good rolled legendary snipers would top out on DPS, I didn't do any testing on that though. Also important to mention is that A Triple Tap Eirene/1000 Stare is more efficient than a Spindle (it generates ammo). So you'd need less ammo for more damage. Triple Tap is Good for efficiency. Spray 'n Play ups the DPS a lot...

Hopefully this helped you out! & Don't be let down when you don't have a spindle :)

Guardian Out.

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