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Destiny News: A Warlock Just Casually Solo-ed Oryx

Okay. We have posted something here in this blog that Soloing Oryx can be possible but we don't have any specifics on how to do that, by that moment so probably, it's just a theory then. But now, after browsing on youtube for latest videos about Destiny, we have found something really interesting that will make all those theories about soloing Oryx...GONE!

Yes! As written on the title above, someone have finally managed to solo Oryx... And yup, it's a Warlock! Not a Titan! Now who says Warlock are Weak and Titans are OP?

I know that you are curious on how a Warlock solo-ed Oryx so, I will just let you watch the video below. Although the Warlock in the vid did not flawlessly solo-ed Oryx but, the fact is, this guy just proved that SOLOING ORYX IS POSSIBLE.

Now, I know you're asking about strategies on how he did it.. Good thing that he also posted on reddit and I quote:

Hey so if you just want to watch some epicness then just click the video, if you want to know the behind the scenes read below - Gatsby (I'd just like to thank Bungie for making such an amazing game I've sunk 1000+ hours into. If it weren't for the fact that Destiny's gameplay is so addictive and fun I wouldn't have been able to do this)

The strategy thats used in the video was influenced and created by MANY many smart and good players. Below I will be crediting who contributed to what. Other than that this run relied on both RNG and skill, for some people. For me, I had a few tricks up my sleeve, which made this run less RNG and more getting a rhythm down. Unlike others I figured out how to control the vessel, which was the thing that screwed people the most. Along with Textbook_1987, I decided to kill the Shade instead of cheesing it, unlike every single other person. In my opinion, the run itself takes a decent amount of skill. A lot of people were attempting this at the same time. The people who I know were attempting this are as follows; sc_slayerage (for a while), tfue, Textbook_1987, ADeathCard, CommanderCuesta, Shadowfax182, and Scardrow.

I'd like to give a huge shout out to the people who were nice enough to give me the check point on reset days, and my 3 loyal viewers Seriously. Thank you guys so much!

Strategy and Contributions:

Motivating me throughout the whole 50+ hours I spent on this: Zero132132, Textbook_1987 (/u/3nippledman), Graev1, etc

Figuring out how to stun Oryx with sleeper: me (TheGrreatGatsby)

Figuring out how to lure ogres: ADeathCard

Figuring out that damaging Knights during aerial bombs phase gives you super energy:sc_slayerage, CommanderCuesta, ADeathCard

Figuring out how to cheese shade: ????

Figuring out having to kill shade instead of cheese: Me and Textbook_1987

Finally beating it, hopefully taking a large burden off a lot of people who sunk just as much time and effort into this as I did. Thank you for watching! Who knows whats next? Solo Oryx Hard maybe??

Signed, TheNotSoGreatGatsby

PS. Shoutout to someone from redeem for telling me "You fucking suck if you still haven't beat this yet and know how to control vessel", after I tried sharing the vessel trick with him.

And sc_slayerage for being an awesome role model

To those of you asking about my vessel strategy, it was something I came up with on my own after studying my past runs for hours upon hours. Something that really bugged me was how random the vessel is, it just didn't make sense for Bungie to program him to take bombs sometimes and other times just straight up ignore them. So I started to notice that every time I would kill the ogres on the side where the vessel was standing, the vessel NEVER ate the bombs. He went one step further and ran away into a corner allowing me to lure the other 2 ogres even better. This required me to be able to adapt to different sides, which was hard since damaging the ogres too much would inevitably lead to them killing each other (yes ogres can kill each other). So that's my not so secret vessel strategy. I didn't want to be a selfish prick and keep this to myself so I shared it with The Legend Himself clan members and some other people who were attempting this, just to help them out. I tried sharing it with some redeem members, but they told me to "Fuck off, if you knew how to control vessel you would've beat this by now, if not you *** suck"

Yeah I know, less tips on how to solo Oryx and more thanks to those who contributed to him.lol :D But anyways, all praise to the guys for sharing that soloing oryx is probably do-able. Just go watch the video again to know how he do it.

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Credits: All credits should go to The Great Gatsby for sharing his video and tips on how to solo oryx.