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Destiny News: Golgoroth Challenge is Live and Here's How to Finish It Easily

After a surprise release for the Warpriest Challenge in Destiny’s King’s Fall raid, week 2 has moved onto Golgoroth. As expected, the Golgoroth challenge is live with the Tuesday reset, and fireteams are trying to figure out how to unlock the 320 loot, unique emblem, Calcified Fragment, and whatever additional rewards the objective might offer.

Now, many guardians have tried the challenge and a few have it completed. Below is some tips on how to complete the challenge mode of Golgoroth.

How to Complete Golgoroth Challenge

The challenges are that every member of your fireteam must hold the gaze at least once AND at least two orbs must be used.

At the beginning of the fight you proceed as usual until the first damage phase. But instead of actually damaging Golg, your fireteam simply passes the gaze between 5 players to ensure everyone holds it at least once while popping one orb. Ignore it. The gaze CANNOT be lost while passing it between players: it must be consistent.

When it comes time for the 6th player to take the gaze, a 2nd orb is popped, at which point damage is done as usual. 5 DPSing, 1 holding gaze. Gaze is lost, rinse and repeat for the next rotation, except you can now run a two orb strat, swapping back and forth between your two orbs of choice. It doesn't matter who holds the gaze at this point because everyone already held it once.

This ensures all possible requirements are met, minimizes chances of screwing up, and makes things less hectic and doable for pugs.

One orb strat may is still viable.

Confirmed Rewards: 320 artifact, new fragment, new sexy emblem and random 320 from golg's drop pool. Ex chest or arms

For some illustration on how to finish Golgoroth challenge, check the video below:

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Credits: Special thanks to LIFTEDHEADSHOT for the video guide.