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Destiny News: Crota Beaten Again...This Time With a DDR Mat!

One Destiny player has put their rhythm to the test by successfully taking down the Hive prince Crota using a Dance Dance Revolution mat as a controller.

Sometimes it’s difficult not to feel a little sorry for Crota. The son of Oryx is meant to be one of the most powerful entities that the Destiny universe has offered up so far — but it seems that Guardians are seldom unable to find a new way of killing off the Hive prince.

We’ve seen Crota defeated with the help of a Rock Band 4 drumkit, while wearing a blindfold — even with nothing more than the sound of a player’s voice. Now, one Destiny fan has introduced the boss to the much-loved rhythm game Dance Dance Revolution.

A youtube user going by the name of GladHeAteHer182 is responsible for this feat, and has uploaded a YouTube video of the battle with Crota. However, it seems that credit for the complex control scheme set up for the challenge goes to another player — fUnderdog, who also had a hand in mapping the game’s controls to Rock Band drums.

For the uninitiated, the traditional DDR mat has eleven inputs; four directly in front, behind and to the sides of where the player will stand, four sitting diagonally from centre in the remaining four corners, and three function buttons laid out at the top. That’s enough for a streamlined version of the standard Destiny control scheme.

Stepping forward, backwards, left and right would control aiming, with the other pads tied to commands like jump, crouch and melee. As well as requiring a strong knowledge of Destiny and Crota specifically, this challenge also requires a huge amount of co-ordination on the part of the player.

It’s also a great example of just how far Destiny players are willing to go to test the limits of what can be done in the game. The wait for more content only seems to accelerate the pace and the complexity of the new stipulations Guardians are dreaming up to enhance existing Raids.

There’s little doubt that the community that’s assembled around the game is one of its greatest strengths. This was evident even in the early days, when players flocked to the Loot Cave en masse — but it’s only become more important in the time that’s passed since release.

While Bungie may come under fire for some decisions related to Destiny — paid boosts seem to be the latest controversy — it’s easy to see why the game has a huge appeal. Its following is really unlike anything else out there, and that definitely helps maintain its popularity.

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Credits: Special thanks to Sean for the video.