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Destiny: Bungie Might Raise Up the Difficulty of Golgoroth Challenge in the Future

Bungie suggests that Destiny’s Golgoroth raid challenge is going to be far from a pushover in future, with the developer hinting that it will ‘ramp up’ the difficulty.

Since its release, Destiny has managed to maintain a very dedicated fanbase, with the average player clocking in at 3 hours a day. Because of this, the hardcore Destiny user may have grown accustomed to the title’s gameplay, making the multiplayer shooter less of a challenge. According to developer Bungie, however, that is going to change – at least when it comes to the Golgoroth raid.

During the recent Bungie Weekly Update, the developer’s community manager DeeJ left a cryptic message for players unfazed by the challenge. “For those wondering if the challenge will ramp up at Golgoroth, let us know what you think next week,” hinted DeeJ in the post. From the looks of it, Destiny players will not have long to wait to see exactly what Bungie has in store for them.

The post also discussed what rewards are on offer as part of the King’s Fall raid. Players can unlock the Worm God’s Servant emblem by defeating the Warpriest under “specific circumstances.” Success in a boss challenge also delivers extra top-tier loot – 310 Light in King’s Fall Normal, or 320 in King’s Fall Hard. The raid rewards aren’t over yet, either, with one of three different optional challenges set to appear each week.

Destiny players are certainly of the type that crave a difficult time of things, and since the game’s launch there have been plenty of impressive self-made challenges. Most recently, an intrepid user spent over 20 hours attempting to beat Crota whilst wearing a blindfold, resorting to memorizing gameplay and waiting for audio and vibration cues. Meanwhile, other players have tested their mettle in other ways, including beating the Crota’s End raid without firing a single round of ammo.

Hopefully, this tweak to Golgoroth will add another level of difficulty to keep fans happy. However, there are hints that there will be more changes afoot to keep players interested in Destiny, beyond simply ramping up the difficulty. The Taken King creative director Luke Smith has admitted that the title misses out on long-term goals for users to remain interested in the game, suggesting Bungie may have something else in store.

An increased difficulty is not the only immediate Destiny change afoot, either. Bungie has also revealed that the game’s December update will nerf the controversial and overpowered Sunbreaker Titan subclass, whilst buffing some other subclasses that The Taken King has offered. Let’s see what else Bungie plans to change with the game in future.

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SOURCE: Bungie