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Destiny: 6 Useful Tips on Warsat Portion of this Week's Nightfall

Here are some basic tips on the Warsat Portion of this Week's Nightfall in Destiny: The Taken King.

Tip #1: Communication is very important. Rotate your supers, let eachother know what kind and where enemies are spawning, and coordinate grenades/rockets as the Fallen jump from the ship.

Tip #2: The ships drop waves of enemies at certain percentages of the Warsat transmission. If you are overwhelmed with enemies, have your team get off the Warsat until things calm down. I have no idea of the exact percentages waves will spawn. Also, ships will stick around if they haven't dropped all enemies.

Tip #3: Use the modifiers to your advantage. This week it Is increased void and melee damage. The raid rocket launcher, Telesto, and void sword really shine here. Spamming your melee on enemies that have gotten too close works well.

Tip #4: Shoot the turrets off the front of the ships. If those are constantly a problem for you, take 'em out!

Tip #5: Bubble Bros shine here. Having one is a huge help. Anymore than that and it's a cake walk.

Tip #6: You can switch characters once you have completed the Warsat. Start the Nightfall on a Defender Titan or another class you are confident on, and then switch to a less geared character. Make sure atleast one member of your fireteam stays in the Nightfall while you switch characters.

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