Twilight of Black Isle (黎明之破天成都) is a new 24-man instance released in Blade  & Soul CN. It can be considered as the easy mode for the 24-man raid, Black Skyscraper 1st boss.

Twilight of Black Isle offers handsome rewards (17g + materials for new weapon), but can only be cleared once a week (reset on Wednesday). In China, you can look for pub by checking the faction or zone shout (watch out for 24人黎明 etc).

It is located at the starting area of Black Isle.

Once you go in, just kill the White Ghost mini boss and 4 mini bosses will be spawned in the map (see their locations below)

Just follow your sub-party and kill the 4 mini-bosses. The boss, Frog Dragon, will be spawned at the arena in the middle of the map. This boss requires 8 x cc, a near impossible task without a proper coordinated party. Besides, the cc skill should be saved for the mechanics.

There are 2 important mechanics in this instance (which can be considered as the practice for the real 1st boss in Black Skyscraper).

Summon Adds

At 90%, 60% and 30% HP, the boss will jump to the middle and summon 4 adds around the arena. These adds requires up to 4 x cc to be killed instantly.

In Chinese pub, you are required to follow your sub-party leader to the designated adds (4 sub-party, each party handle 1 add).  Normally they will decide on which type of CC to use (typically it is stun). If you are not sure or unable to read chinese, just spacebar to follow the CC.

Failure to CC ALL the 4 adds within a certain amount of time will result in party wipe!

Poison Clearing

The boss will constantly stack poison debuff (max 10) on you over the whole battle. You will die pretty fast if you don’t clear them. Blood bugs will spawn constantly at the edge of the arena. You can required to attack it once and your poison will be cleared (you will see the glow on your body), with poison immunity and 200% attack buff for 30sec.

However, if you attack the blood bug while you have the buff, you will die instantly. Therefore, the boss is near the edge of the are, your AOE skill might accidentally hit the bug and you will be dead.

If you are the main tanker or aggro holder, do keep the boss at the middle at all cost to prevent others from attacking the blood bug accidentally.

However, the tanker will need to clear the poison too.  You will need to wait for the boss to use an AOE jump skill (see below), then quickly SS to the blood bug, attack it and jump back before the boss finishes the skill. This will prevent the boss from following you to the edge of the arena.

Secret Chamber

After killing the boss in Twilight of Black Isle, you can claim the reward chest. The reward chest might give you a key to a  secret chamber in Black Isle.

There are 2 types of key though.

Treasure Key (left chamber): chance to drop from the reward of killing the boss in Twilight of Black Isle; some said any mobs in Black Isle also drop them.

Secret Key (right chamber): You can also get 2 keys per day from the daily quest in the Black Isle.

Go to the locations shown in the map below, and enter the portal. You can go in with a party for the right one while the left one is a solo instance.

The left chamber can be opened with 1 x Treasure Key.

The right chamber can be opened with 6 x Secret Key.

For the chamber on the right, you will be brought to a treasure room with 6 levers.

Upon opening the chamber, you will see the guardian of the treasure.

Kill it and you will get the reward, which can give the new cash shop item required to level up the new weapon.

For the chamber on the left, you will be brought to a room with 3 treasure chest. 2 of them are empty and only 1 contains the reward. Unfortunately, you can only pick 1 of them and the other 2 will disappear immediately.

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Credits: Special thanks to chaose5 for this guide.