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Best Level 90 Saint Build Guide in Dragon Nest [T5/3R]

Here's a level 90 build guide for Saints in Dragon Nest after the T5/3R patch update.

Priorities for Skill Build

1.) PVP Utilities
2.) PVP Damage
3.) PVE Utilities
4.) PVE Damage
5.) Extra SPs

Note: The green fonts indicates that the character is using a skill accessory (Also that lightning relic is supposed to be level 16).


Divine Combo has an extra effect when it comes to level 6. You can click left click after pressing the skill to push the enemies back or right click to launch them on the air. Very useful in PVP for catching enemies lying on the ground, doing air evade, or for continuing combos. Used for utility not much for damage so not maxed.

Holy kick also has an extra effect at level 6 which increases the range as far as a lightning relic. Good for people rushing towards you and enough to push back warriors running towards you. The damage for PVE in this can reach up to 200k per kick if your attack is around 80k but priorities first.

Dive kick for combo in PVP. This became very useful for me to continue my combos in PVP. It almost has the same damage as Holy kick.

Sliding knee kick just one for counter attack versus their Counter Blows. The counter blow of assassin and Kali are too quick though. It can be enhanced with an extra kick when reached level 6 but I find it not worthy.

Holy Bolt’s bind increases by .5 seconds for every 5 SPs contributed (Levels 1, 6, 11, 16, 21). In PVE, damage isn’t that great but on the other hand, a level 1 is too quick for the bind. The level 6 is already enough for me.

Block skill can only be use 5 times in PVP and 18 times in PVE which is too much. One of the things I don’t like is this PVE block. Regardless, you will find yourself being attacked in PVP no matter how good you are. that goes the same why I took Toughness and HP.

Heal really isn’t that much important for either PVE (3% of max HP) or PVP (.8% of max HP). I recommend you do not get it. Why do I have this skill? Because priority #5.

I don’t really have much problems in PVE but I use holy kick a lot of times in PVP which requires a lot of MP. But like I said in PVP, your stats go down as much as the same as others which includes HP and MP. The best option for me is how to get more MP than having more MP. This is an imaginary calculation. If you have 220k MP (With skill) in PVE, it will go down to like 22k MP. But if you have 200kMP (Without skill) in PVE, it will go down to like 20k MP but you will gain more MP because you have the MP regen skill. The MP is also priority #5 but I still chose to get heal.


Protection Shell still runs up to 180 seconds in PVP (Priority #1) as goes for the other buffs so I guess I’ll take this. The buffs in PVE became self-buff except for this skill (and Healing Aura) which runs for 20 seconds only with a CD of 60 seconds. My opinion, NNNOOOOO!!! I mean I don’t care about my teammates (just kidding) but if they kept on blaming me for not being able to heal them because of the damages, then crap. They’ll be saying like “HEY? AREN’T YOU A HEALER? WHY DIDN’T YOU HEAL ME?” then I’ll be like in my mind “Why didn’t you dodge then? All my heals are in CD!!!” Having this skill remained at 180 seconds for PVE is good to be yelled lesser.

Bind Relic‘s duration is increased by 3 seconds and the CD decreasing by 3 seconds for every level except when it hits level 6 and above where it is only a second. Priority #1 is here and not going to max it which would be priority #3 for me. It stays at level 5.

Chain Lightning can hit the enemy up to 3 times if they are alone and hit other enemies multiple times depending on how many there are. Adding a skill ring to make it 7 hits and to reach the damage which can be greatly enhanced for every 5 SPs spent. There is also a bug (I think) where if an enemy is hit and killed instantly by this skill (PVE), it can continuously hit anything else regardless of how many it is transferred as long as it’s instant-kill.

Detonate became stronger for PVE and the damage in PVP ranges from 10k-40k damage based on experience. Priority #2. This is one of the three main damages  a Priest has in PVP.

I don’t like Holy burst becoming smaller range. I had hard time in Ladder just because of that. Regardless, I think Saints “were” OP. I have a skill plate for the damage of this. Priority #2 and this is one of the three main damages of a Priest in PVP.

Heavenly Judgement… why? Because, Damage! That’s why. This is my playstyle. If you don’t like to get it, that’s up to you. I’m not talking about damage in PVE but in PVP. The damage for each hit ranges from 5k-8k (With Level 80 Unique Fighting Set) and takes up to 20 hits. That’s 100k-160k damage in just one go. Putting it to level two does no make much of a difference and it is priority #5.

In my build, I maxed Lightning Relic to level 16 because of the Class Mastery I. When you used Strikes, click the normal button and three smaller relics (mini relics) will fall near it dealing 3 times damage of all the shocks in one relic. This was priority #4 and I realized something else. Refer to the note at the bottom of this article T^T.

Around 20k per damage for Lightning Relic. Around 200k (without critical) damage per mini relic drop.


Why did they took away Holy shield‘s effect!?!?!? It’s okay to heal 90k HP (With heal buff). But in my case, Holy Shield, for me, is better as a defense mechanism. Some people would know what this skill is and if Saints use it, they have a choice to or not to attack the Saints while they buff is active. Though you may not get much healing if they do not attack you but it helps you think enough for a plan before they come to you and attack unlike this new revision which is like heal meaning you have to plan the exact time in using this skill. This skill is your primary healing in PVP. The Healing Relic and Heal don’t do much but they “may” help in survival.

Shock of relic? Why not? Priority #2, one of the 3 main damages of Saints. We already know the damage when all of them are stacked but I’ll add the mini relics in this.

Mini relics are there for only a short period of time. Assuming that the damage dealt is around 800k per shock (Depending on the boss), 3 times because of the Ex, that’s already 2.4m damage. With the mini relics, that’s 4x will become 9.6m damage (LR relic + 3 mini relics). Those are just level 80 unique equipment. In PVP, the damage can reach from 9k-50k per tick. How did I reach 50k on an enemy? Debuffs and buffs, and also their weak defenses/resist.

Though some remain the same and some worsened like the heals, holy burst and bind relic range, there are some that improved such as the Cure relic for PVE. Cure relic does not give any attack buff but now works not just buff removal but also as a wax, as in make your teammates faster by 15% (Cure Relic EX).


Charged Bolt is a good damaging skill for PVE but like I said, priority #2.

This skill takes 10 sp and I wouldn’t have trouble getting it but somehow I did. Back at my previous level 80, I had First Aid and it came very useful since I only needed it to be level 1. Still I can max it if it wasn’t for a sworn enemy… the engineers which I don’t really much win in PVP next would be the Screamers and then Bringers (Much but that doesn’t mean I don’t win against them). Engineers summon a lot in PVP and with a level 3 (my initial plan) chain lightning only transfers 3 times which is not enough for all their summons. So I put it to level 11 to stand a chance against engineers. Moving to the bringers and screamers, I really needed luck XD. And then I realized something… you can actually get lightning relic ex without having lightning relic to level 6 O_O. I only put it to level 16 because I don’t want that skill to go waste assuming it’s a Saint’s ex skill XD. My mistake. At least lightning relic can deal damage at 8k per tick in PVP.

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Credits: Special thanks to JOHALE for this guide.