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Best Level 90 PVE Barbarian Skill Build in Dragon Nest Guide [T5/3R]

Here's a level 90 pve skill build for Barbarian in Dragon Nest.

Warrior Tree

Heavy Slash/Impact Punch
oh please don’t touch this.

Heave Slash
Slashes down hard on an enemy.
Level 1 before: 162% + 4
Level 1 new: 198%

Impact Punch
Delivers a powerful punch that lifts enemies into the air.
Level 1 before: 118% + 5
Level 1 new: 137%

Impact Wave (now physical attack)
Strike the ground with your weapon, unleashing a shock wave. Can attack an enemy that is knocked down. Can be enhanced at Skill level 6 additional range of 4 meters away.
Note: You can use to add this skill whenever you want since this skill now deals physical damage.
Level 1 before:  266% + 6
Level 1 new: 188%

Note: All skills with the max limit level of 1 cannot be more added by a +1 Skill accessory or +1 Skill Cash Heraldry. e.g.: Battle Howl, Taunting Howl, etc.

Note: All skill values after percentage the “raw damage or board damage values” are now removed.

Tumble (Passive Skill)
Level 1 (max). Press the same direction key twice to dodge in that direction. You can also press [Shift] and a direction key simultaneously to dodge in that direction. After revamp, tumble max level limit is 1 and also adds invincible time increased by 0.3 seconds (now 0.6s) has the same cool down of max level 5 before 2.6 seconds.
Level 5 before: cool down time 2.6 seconds; Invisible frame 0.3 seconds
Level 1 new: cool down time 2.6 seconds; Invisible frame 0.6 seconds

Wake Attack (Passive Skill)
Level 1 (max). Press the Attack button while downed to send enemies flying back with a strong attack.
Level 1 before:  150%
Level 1 new: 135%

Drop Kick (Passive Skill)
Optional. Press the special attack button while jumping to launch an enemy into the air. Get this skill because when you try to dodge the jump, you can use to follow this skill. It's up to you if you want this skill.
Level 1 before:  150%
Level 1 new: 135%

Sweeping Kick (Passive Skill)
Recommended for pushing stage mechanics. Press the special attack button after using [Side Kick] to perform a roundhouse kick combo.Get this just to cover warrior’s SP requirement of 45.
Level 1 before:  102% + 20
Level 1 new: 104%

Soccer Kick (Passive Skill)
Recommended. Really needed skill for Soccer kick combo prerequisite. Press the special attack button next to a flinched enemy to launch the enemy back with a kick.
Level 1 before:  150%
Level 1 new: 135%

Dash (Passive Skill)
Max. Double-tap W-key or hold Shift + W and then hold the W key to dash in that direction.  It still the same of movement speed of 140 and cost 0.1% MP continuously.

Rising Slash
Strongly recommended! After a strong dash charge, press the attack button again to launch an enemy into the air. Effective on knocked down enemies. Trust me, we need this skill in order to use a soccer kick combo at the end to enable/reduce lv90 II passive skill EXi. use this when tumble and dash uppercut is in cool down.
Enhancement Effect: Can deal 2 additional hits. Additional Damage: 25%
Level 1 before:  285% + 93
Level 1 new: 246%

Circle Break
Good for i-frame! I suggest this skill for ppl want to use this as an i-frame. This skill is prettily nerfed (balance with the other skills) Strikes the ground hard after jumping to send enemies flying with a shock wave. Can destroy High Shields. Effective on knocked down enemies.
Level 11 before: 459% + 3110
Level 11 new: 374%
AoE reduction for PvE and PvP:
Ground smashing range increased, explosion range decreased.

Aerial Evasion (Passive Skill)
Level 1 (max). When launched into the air, press the [Jump] key to land on your feet. All Class Aerial Evasion has been unified cool down of 18 seconds. All evasion skill has been adjusted and now only cap at the max limit of 1.
Cool down before: 30 seconds
Cool down new: 18 seconds

Mental Mastery/Mind Conqueror (Passive Skill)
Increases max MP and recovery every 2 seconds. Because MP system also got revamp and since this is PvE/Raid build, skip this skill first to observe if we really needed this. See more details below.

Mental Mastery (PvE/PvP)
Level 1 before: Increase 3% MP pool
Level 1 new: Increase 15% MP pool

Mind Conqueror (PvE/PvP)
Level 1 before: Increase your MP recovery by 1.5% every minute.
Level 1 new: Increase your MP recovery by 50 every 2 seconds.
Here’s why:
- All classes will have the same max MP:
* Base job – 50,000
* 1st job change – 100,000
* 2nd job change – 200,000
- Only core skills with EX will consume MP; after learning EX, the MP consumption will be doubled except for some skills
- INT stats does not increase max MP value anymore; enchant level (of gear) will not increase max MP as well
- Cash shop items can increase max MP value; additional MP + 80,000 (maximum possible) it means cash shop items will be more useful.
- MP recovery will be minimized; requires MP recovery skills from Healer
- The continuous MP consumption for all classes are more or less the same, according to developer’s simulation.

MP Changes summary
Maximum amount of characters MP has been changed
MP recovery of Mental Conqueror has been changed
MP consumption of non EX skills removed
MP consumption of EX skills doubled, even without learning EX skills they will consume MP

Breaking Point

This is the new skill of warriors they replaced highlander skill. And now moved to mercenary tree. It grants buff to party members which adds them 10% physical and magical attack for 300 seconds. Cool down is only 10 seconds.

Use your amazing powers of obliviousness to eliminate bad status effect. Max this skill. Extremely useful when you got de-buffs. Nothing change at this skill.

Physical Mastery (Passive Skill)
Level 4 (Max level limit 5). Increases max HP pool, this passive skill has been boosted, and can be added 1 more level by using +1 gear which gives another 3% more HP.
Level 9 before:  Increases max HP by 27%
Level 4 new: Increases max HP by 24%; if max level 5: max HP by 27%

Mercenary Tree

Crisis Howl
Not recommended for barbarian class for PVE. Waste of SP to invest.  Press the special attack button when attacked to instantly release powerful energy that sends nearby enemies flying.

Dash Uppercut
Highly recommended. Level 1 only. During [Dash], press the attack button to uppercut the enemy with your weapon. Use this skill to perform soccer kick combo to enable Level 90 II passive skill, like what I’ve said previously.
Level 1 before: 112% + 48
Level 1 new: 108%

Toughness (Passive Skill)
Level 1 (max). Decreases physical damage taken by 15.0%. If you take damage when your HP is at or below 60%, you will deal more physical damage.
Level 5 before:
Below 50% HP: Physical Damage Increase by +20%
   Damage Buff Duration: 60 sec  
Damage Buff Cool down: 60 sec
Level 1 new:
   Below 60% HP: Physical Damage Increase by +20%
  Damage Buff Duration: 60 sec  
Damage Buff Cool down: 60 sec

Soccer Kick Combo
Highly recommended. Level 1 (max) Use a special attack after using [Soccer Kick/Dash Uppercut/Rising Slash 3-hit attack] to strike an enemy down with a kick. This last attack will create a shockwave to damage nearby enemies.
New effect: Soccer Kick Combo will change Circle Swing to EX instant for a quicker cast. Soccer Kick Combo reduces the cool down of Circle Swing.
Level 1 before:  195% + 100
Level 1 new: 167%

Level 1 only. Stomps on the ground with great force to pull enemies and deal damage. Enemies will slow down for 3s. But why only level 1? Why not level 6 which required for Stomp EX. Nope! At Level 90 revamp stomp skill no longer required as prerequisite of EX and the slow effect of the skill is now constant at any levels but the duration is still the same. 50% movement speed de-buff for PvE while for PvP is 30%. For me, it is a waste of SP to add more levels… It’s up to you if you wanted to raise more level to increase more duration of slow effect as well as the damage. (Level 12 gives 14 seconds slow)
Level 1 before:  184% + 47, 12% Slow for 3 seconds
Level 1 new: 235%, 50% Slow for 3 seconds

Punishing Swing
Lv1 for me. Brandishes your weapon forward to launch and detonate a small bomb toward an enemy in front of you.
Edit: Optional. max this skill in order to deal more damage since the damage output is really amazing when at max level which gives a whooping damage of 1148%.
Level 11 before: 485% + 18206
Level 11 new: 1148%

Demolition Fist
Level 6 only. Gathers strength to inflict a powerful punch while dashing forward. Due to SP constraints you cannot force this skill at level 16, and level 6 is enough to have with this skill. Since, this is not our core-damaging skill to focus on and it is very dangerous to use at boss. The damage itself at level 6 is quite good enough damage. The EX version will now have a new effect. See barbarian tree for more details.
Added note: Okay, let's get into this, lets get real, this skill is mentioned all over the forums to debate on. You might see some of the players unfit to have this level 1 or 6 while others are satisfied, just to apply on debuffs. But, how about maxing this skill? they've said,
considering skill rotation is always at this ability to focus on. For me it is okay to maxed this skill.. This build is suited on maxed punishing swing and its kinda boring using one skill rotation without thinking to throw some of the alternative skill after all revamps devs  boosted some of our skill to use it on and it is my preference please don't hate me 
Update: Since my play-style always been using demo fist at all times, I am dropping my punishing swing maxed into this skill from now on. Even though, punishing swing has a good percentage of damage and even I didn't test on other server, Still I gravely seldom to throw punishing swing pardon me xD
Level 6 before: 441% + 2151
Level 6 new: 711%

Flying Swing
Alternative skill. only use for super-armor. Swings your weapon up to launch an enemy into the air. Damage taken decreases while you're charging this skill. Use this as your super-armor.
Level 1 Old: 317% + 69. -70% Damage taken when casting.
Level 1 Now: 694%. -70% Damage taken when casting.

"Main 4 Core DPS Skills"

Circle Swing
Steps forward and swings your weapon, dealing massive damage to enemies behind and in front of you. This is our main core DPS-bursting skill averaging 80% of skill we use this, any barbarian should max this skill no matter what type of build. Recommended with +1 Earrings to get the most percentage value of damage.
Level 15 before: 773% + 37025
Level 15 new: 1424%
With +1 Skill Accessory Level 16 New: 1581%
With +1 Skill Cash Heraldry Level 17 (Max) New: Will be updated when released!
AoE reduction (PvE and PvP)
Circle Swing: Range decreased

Ring Bombs
Slams your weapon into the ground to send out an explosive shock-wave. Deals an extra 20% damage to any nearby enemies who suffer a direct hit. I think this skill is quite enough at level 11 the damage output of the skill is still great! With the revamp more damage output is coming
Level 15 before: 725% + 21361
Level 15 new: 1281%

Uses centrifugal force to spin and inflict multiple attacks on nearby enemies. Great for flinching opponents or in knockdown opponents, easy to use… can be in any direction you want. Sadly the developers rebalance this skill and ‘twas nerfed. So, I prefer still to max this one.
New effect: When cast Whirlwind, Whirlwind will change Circle Swing to EX instant for a quicker cast.
Level 13 before: 1601% + 68840
Level 13 new: 1707%

Rolling Attack
Roll through the air and then slams into the ground with great force, sending out a shock wave that deals damage to nearby enemies. It is still a very superb skill even without the EX version the damage output has been boosted and balanced with other main 4 core skills.
Level 13 before: 1397% + 83896
Level 13 new: 1553%

Ultimate of your choice

Cyclone Axe
Grants invisible status to the user and uses centrifugal force to spin and create a powerful tornado, inflicting multiple attacks on nearby enemies. Great to combine with Bone crash effect. This time Cyclone Axe is more powerful than Gigantic Bomb but the cool down effect is still the same and it’s still dangerous to use this ultimate as the bosses always have the mechanics.
Level 2 before: 2780% + 34990; Cool down 150 seconds
Level 2 New: 6929%; Cool down 150 seconds

Gigantic Bomb
Jumps high into the air and then slams the ground with great force, setting off a powerful explosive. I really prefer this one to use every raid or at nest party because, of its cool down time is shorter than cyclone axe and it’s more safe to use.
Level 2 before: 2780% + 42765; Cool down 120s
Level 2 new: 4884%; Cool down 120s

For myself, skills points for other core skills are not enough to add. So, I choose to max out these 2 ultimate since I can use cyclone axe in any dungeon I want… more powerful than gigantic bomb plus it grants invisible status otherwise I use Gigantic bomb if the condition is unable to use Cyclone Axe. 

Edit: I decided not to put Gigantic Bomb Ultimate due to its skill points restraint, Otherwise it is still your decision to decide if you wanted to put Gigantic Bomb skill you preferred.

Supporting Skills and other self-buffs

Taunting howl
Level 1 (Max). Your provoking howl unleashes a burst of energy that deals damage and increases threat. The howl decreases the Damage and Critical Chance of enemies in range. Now I wanted to say that this skill now really bad! Not that very bad but the cool down time is horrible. At this point 3R revamp 90 cap, we cannot add more levels to reduce the cool down of taunting howl due to its maximum level limit of 1 and cannot be spam in consecutive way. No more consecutive enhance circle swing while your bubbles ‘fury’/rage is at 100. Consumes 50 fury when used to strengthen circle swing.
Level 5 before: Cool down 13 seconds
Physical Damage: 100%
Threat Gained: +22800
Enemy Attack Damage & Critical Chance: -20%
De-buff Duration to the enemies: 10 seconds
Level 1 new: Cool down 25 seconds
Physical Damage: 100%
Threat Gained: +30000
Enemy Attack Damage & Critical Chance: -20%
De-buff Duration to the enemies: 10 seconds
AoE reduction (PvE and PvP)
Taunting Howl: Range decreased

Iron Skin
Level 1 (max). Causes a very powerful Super Armor state for 30 seconds, decreasing the damage you taken and preventing you from being stunned. No differences except for the max level limit.

High Lander
Highlander skill is now only for mercenaries and the life saving for party buffs is now removed, it only allows to yourself only which is awful to mercenaries. The buff will last for 180 seconds if the HP falls below <1 it will only take you to save for 5 seconds! Really now only 5 seconds, In before it gives more time to you to save which last for 15 seconds. But now the part is you can now cast HL to yourself whenever you want. Meaning you don’t have to worry when the time you expecting to die hassle-free eh? You think.

Added Note: For me I decided  to skip this skill since it will requires 10 SP which is nasty to put at but it is still up to you to decide. Remember it only gives 5 seconds under this skill,

Highlander before: Buffs yourself and all party members, HP doesn't fall below 1 HP for 15 seconds; cool down 300 seconds; duration 30 seconds.
Highlander now: Buffs yourself only, your HP doesn't fall below 1 HP for 5 seconds; cool down 180 seconds; duration 180 seconds

Charging Howl

Steel your party members with an empowering shout while increasing your own maximum HP. Increases Super Armor, Defense, and Magic Defense. But Nooooo! Charging howl has been removed by the Devs and now claimed by Destroyer class which is awful to barbarian class no more another super armor of 10,000% tanking ability and physical/magical damage taken of 30% this is shame! Whaattt!!! Sad!  (T.T)  
Destroyer Charging Howl new effect:
When cast, the effect changed to create "Shield" like Guardian Force buff (Gold color),
which grants 20% durability dependent by the caster’s HP within 10 meters Duration 20 seconds.
But wait, I only stated the super armor-effect and damage taken was claimed by Destroyer right? So it means,
the HP increasing effect is still there. Read more below to find out!
P.S. But please, dear fellow barbarians, ignore this skill when 90 cap arrives okay?

Battle Howl
Energizes party members with a battle cry. Increases Physical Damage, Magic Damage, Critical Chance, and Stun Chance. Oh no! Another revamp skill… Devs has been change this buff into self-buff only that is why they add a new skill from the warrior tree called “breaking point” so that all warriors can have this buff like this but no more critical chance increase and stun increase. Whatever! Get this buff to yourself and it is very recommended.
Level 6 before: Party-buffs; Duration 180 seconds, Physical & Magical Attack Increased by +5886, Critical Chance +11480, and Stun Chance 20%.
Level 1 new: Self-buff only; Duration 180 seconds, Physical & Magical Attack Increased by +8502, Critical Chance +15340, and Stun Chance 20%.

Havoc Howl
Level 4 (max level limit 6). Skill level only increases the damage. Releases a furious roar that stuns enemies,
greatly decreasing their damage.
Added new effect:  Increases max HP of the caster by 116% HP.
Note: Please keep in mind that havoc howl doesn’t decreases the attack of the enemies anymore It means this skill has no more supporting capability. Just now imagine this is your charging howl.
Level 6 before: Physical damage 800%, Enemy physical & magical damage decreased by 80%, de-buff duration 20 seconds.
Level 4 new: Physical damage 975%, Increases max your HP by 116% duration 25 seconds.
(Can be push to level limit of 6 deals physical damage of 1325%)

Devitalizing Howl
Recommended. Level 1 only. Your angry cry removes enemy buffs and disables enemies
from using skills. It has still the same effect except for the damage values.
Level 1 before: Attack Power 178% + 488, Buff removed 1,
Enemy skill disabled for 3 seconds.
Level 1 new: Attack Power 155%, Buff removed 1, Enemy skill disabled for 3 seconds.

Barbarian Tree

Offend Hit (Passive Skill)
Level1 (max). Begin accumulating Fury and deal damage equal to your Max Physical Damage. When attacking, your Strength increases for 20 sec based on your HP,
and you obtain Fury faster. Chance to
At 100% HP, obtain Fury every 3 seconds.
At 80% HP, obtain STR +40% and Fury every 2 seconds.
At 60% HP, obtain STR +60% and Fury every 1 seconds.
At 30% HP, obtain STR +90% and Fury every 0.5 seconds
Duration: 20 seconds, Chance to strike with Max Physical Damage: 60%, Cool down: 2 sec
Activates enhanced Circle Swing by consuming 50 Fury when Taunting Howl is cast.
The effect disappears when enhanced Circle Swing is used.
Enhanced Circle Swing (nerfed by 300%)
700% of Circle Swing damage
Damage received is decreased by 30% while the skill is active
Level 6 before: Chance to strike with Max Physical Damage: 60%,
1000% of Circle Swing damage  
Level 1 new: Chance to strike with Max Physical Damage: 60%
(has been change equally to the max level of before),
700% of Circle Swing damage (nerfed by 300%)

Bone Crash
Level 11 (max level 13). Jumps into the air and slash down with bone-shattering force. Additional attacks deal extra damage. Temporarily converts Strength into Physical Damage.
Level 11 before:
Physical Damage: 1122% + 47521
Damage per Hit: +4400
Damage from Strength: +50%
Fracture Duration: 15 sec
Additional Damage Duration: 30 sec
Additional Fury when used: +5 points
Level 11 new:
Physical Damage: 1202%
Damage per Hit: +4400
Damage from Strength: +50%
Fracture Duration: 15 sec
Additional Damage Duration: 30 sec
Additional Fury when used: +5 points

Stomp EX (Passive Enhanced)
Recommended. Level 1. Nothings change.  Level 1(max). Enhances the Stomp skill to cause a second shock wave. Additional Hit Damage: 30% of Stomp damage.

Demolition Fist EX (Passive Enhanced)
Recommended. Level 1. Enhances Demolition Fist to perform a powerful downward strike. Additional Strike: 30% of Demolition Fist damage, Stun Chance: 70%.
New effect: Damage increasing de-buff added; Induced 20% for 10 seconds

Circle Swing EX (Passive Enhanced)
Recommended. Level 1. Nothings change.
Enhances Circle Swing to launch enemies into the air with a regular attack duration 30 seconds.
Additional Attack: 30% of Circle Swing damage
Hit regular attack after using Circle Swing to launch enemies.
Enhanced Additional Attack: (1000% of Circle Swing + Damage)
Adds +5 Fury when casting Taunting Howl

Whirl Wind EX (Passive Enhanced)
Recommended. Level 1. Nothings change. Increases Whirlwind's attack range and number of hits. Whirlwind Damage: +30%

Bone Crash EX (Passive Enhanced)
Recommended. Level 1. Nothings change.  Enhances Bone Crash. Left-click to launch enemies into the air after smashing down.
Additional Strike Damage: 50%
Fury: +5 points when used.

Class Mastery I (Passive Skill)

‘Critical Mastery’ has been changed name into ‘Class mastery I’.
Nothings changed with this passive skill still Increases critical chance after using Battle Howl, Taunting Howl, and Havoc Howl Duration for 10 seconds. Increases damage in exchange for health<2% after using Taunting Howl Damage added +50%.
Additional Critical Chance +20% when used.

Class Master II (New Passive Skill)  

Mastery I is a requirement to learn Mastery II
Mastery I can be learned at level 60, Mastery II at level 90
Name will be similar, but has action instead of numerical improvements
Usage of skill A will improve skill B, the new system follows fighting games in combo styles (see below)

Mastery II is applied the same way in PvE/PvP, yet the offense may vary
The decision whether or not the cd should be shared between the skill and the instant skill and depends on the power of it

Barbarian New Combo:
Whirlwind and Soccer Kick Combo will change Circle Swing to EX instant for a quicker cast.
Soccer Kick Combo reduces the cool down of Circle Swing.
Note: You only have 2 seconds to cast this instant Circle Swing EX
*Instant Circle swing + EX = 1 = 1424% + 427.2%

Circle Swing Instant
After using Whirlwind or Soccer Kick Combo, Circle Swing is changed to Circle Swing Instant. When Soccer Kick Combo hits a target, it reduces Circle Swing EX & Circle Swing Instant cool down by 12 seconds. Circle Swing EX & Circle Swing Instant shares cool down time.
Additional attack: +5%

Here's a small preview of performing the new instant skill

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Credits: Special thanks to Huwei for this guide.