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The Most Efficient Way to Farm Faction in Destiny: The Taken King (1 Rank Every 2.5 Hours)

This might not be the most interesting faction farming guide. In fact, this is a boring method on farming faction in Destiny: The Taken King but, if you have time to spare, then we suggest you out this faction farming method as it guarantees you 1 rank for every 2.5 hours spend doing this strategy. 

Faction Ranks by the numbers

Ever since the Taken King dropped people have had more incentive to rank up factions (exotic class items, the fact that dead orbit is great, grinding for fermi solution, etc), but have also had a slower time ranking up since rep gain is generally much slower in year 2. Luckily for us, in year 2, theres also several ways to BUY faction rep, and thats what were gonna be focusing on for this guide, bribing our way to victory

Each faction rank is 2500 points of rep, with different currencies giving different amounts of faction
  • Motes of Light give 100 rep for 5 Motes
  • Weapon Parts dont matter because lets be real, you have like 4 weapon parts
  • Armor Materials give 50 rep for 25 Mats
  • Special Ammo Synthesis give 25 rep for 4 Synths
  • Heavy Ammo Synthesis 25 rep for 1 Synth
Of these, Heavy Synths to be the most effective way to quickly rank up factions. At 25 rep per synth, thats exactly 100 Heavy Synths per faction rank. So how do we get Heavy Synths?
  • From Banshee-44 for 950 glimmer per Synth, or 95,000 glimmer per rank
  • From Xur for 1 strange coin for 3 Synths, or 33.3 strange coins per rank
  • From Variks for 250 glimmer and an ether seed, or 100 ether seeds and 25,000 glimmer per rank
Were gonna go with the third option, but if for whatever reason youre absolutely overflowing with strange coins, buying from xur isnt bad either. So, how do we get Ether Seeds (relatively) quickly?

Hanging with our Old Pal Draksis, Kell of House Winter

Our buddy Draksis, Kell of House Winter, has been feeling lonely ever since Bungie patched an internal cooldown into Three of Coins. Were gonna go keep him company again. Pick your favorite character, grab a primary you like, Icebreaker from your vault, a rocket launcher with a high inventory size (and field scout if you have one), and the Dread Explorer shell, or any other ghost that gives you glimmer when killing fallen. The ghost isnt absolutely necessary, but its nice to have.

Load up Scourge of Winter on Venus (NOT the heroic version) and sprint through the mission until you get to right outside the boss room, with the sliding door. Make sure you have heavy ammo. Approach the door enough to open it, but dont go through the door. Mobs will notice you, but Draksis, Kell of House Winter, who is apparently nearsighted, will stand perfectly still. Shoot him in the head four (4) times with Icebreaker to leave him with a hair of health left, then enter the room, run up to him, and kill both him and yourself with your rocket launcher, just stand right next to him and shoot his feet. This will cause him to drop one to two of those little white D4 looking items, which can be either house banners or ether seeds. Ether seeds seem more common. These will remain on the ground after you both die, and you can pick them up when you spawn in behind the door and begin again. Repeat ad nauseam until you run out of heavy ammo, then its time for an ammo run.

Titans have Ruin Wings, which cause more heavy ammo to drop, and each purple brick to contain more heavy ammo, or the Taikonaut, which just causes more heavy ammo to drop. Strictly speaking, Ruin Wings are more effective here, but most prefer the Taikonaut, because it gets you enough heavy ammo to work. But anyway, both of these exotics are a little finnicky and inconsistent, so, at the beginning of your ammo run youll want to unequip and reequip the exotic armor in question, as that seems to make it work most of the time. then go in and kill all the mobs, pick up heavy ammo, shoot Draksis, Kell of House Winter, to half health so more adds will spawn in, and kill them for heavy ammo as well, then suicide kill Draksis, Kell of House Winter as normal.

Continue cycling between regular suicide kill runs and ammo runs until you have at least 100 ether seeds, which should take roughly 2 hours.

Some last thoughts on suicide killing Draksis, Kell of House Winter:
  • It takes 4 headshots from icebreaker to prep Draksis, Kell of House Winter for a rocket
  • Or, 3 headshots and 2 bodyshots
  • If youre worried about accidentally killing him, you can do 3 headshots then primary to lower him enough
  • Its better to accidentally kill yourself and not Draksis, Kell of House Winter, then it is to accidentally kill Draksis, Kell of House Winter, and not yourself
  • Lightning Grenades on Striker are a great backup to quickly kill yourself if you run out of rockets

Our Other Pals, the Yellow Bar Space Hippos

Now that weve got our 100+ ether seeds, we need to fill our piggybank with 25,000 glimmer. Put on a ghost shell with glimmer for cabal kills, or ready some resupply codes, and head to the heroic version of Exclusion Zone, and farm the beginning area until you hit the glimmer cap. Like Draksis, Kell of House Winter above, a rocket is nice for quick suicides, and it helps to intersperse ammo runs into your cabal slaughtering runs.

It should take roughly half an hour to an hour to hit your glimmer cap, depending on whether or not you want to save your house banners and network keys youve been building up

Rep Time

Head to the reef, simultaneously triumphant and profoundly bored, and pick up 100 Heavy Synths from Variks, and, if you want, turn in your house banners and network keys to Master Ives. Then, Heavy Synths in hand, head over to the tower and head to the representative of whichever faction you're trying to level. Trade in your Synths, rank up one rank, and sigh at how long its gonna take you to get the Fermi Solution/exotic class item

Important Note:

Rank up factions quickly(ish) with Heavy Synths. Suicide farm Draksis, Kell of House Winter for two hours to get ~100 ether seeds, farm exclusion zone for 30 minutes to an hour to get 25,000 glimmer. Buy 100 Heavy Synths from Variks, go to the tower and rank up.

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Credits: Special thanks to GlacierWalf for the tips.