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The Foolproof Three of Coins Farming in Destiny: The Taken King

There are lots of Guardians out there that claimed that they've perfected how to use three of coins. Some of them are proven to be good but some are not been proven. Lately, another 3oC farming method has been out. It was posted on reddit by stratospaly and he claimed that he had found the foolproof 3oc farming method that gives hi, 22% drop rate.

Here's how the method works:

There are a few * to add to this method. Also stratospaly state nothing here as a fact, any input with proven evidence should be taken seriously.

1 - This works best if you have 3 level 40 characters.

2 - Using a toon without the selected subclass fully leveled, and preferably all 3 subclasses maxed out is not optimal. He have found the rate of greens is perportional to the amount off needed subclass exp. These greens can take the place of purple\yellow drops, He have even seen HM Warpriest only drop 2 greens for people who did not have their selected subclass leveled fully.

3 - Having a gear moving app on a phone\tablet\google chrome helps greatly.

4 - you will get bored, but this is the FASTEST way to farm 3oC with a high con to exotic rate.

Steps: Log in and hit a 3oC if you do not have the buff up already. Go to Dreadnaught patrol and kill the Ultra Knight. Here is a video of how to do this.

Now the important part, hit a 3oC and a glimmer 10 minute buff. This acts as a per toon timer so you do not attempt to kill the Ultra Knight faster than every 10 minutes.

Now change over to an alt toon, move gear\3oC over if needed, repeat, change over to third alt and repeat again.

Now for the numbers. These were over 3 accounts, 3 weeks, 8 toons, and 2 PS4's so all things "RNG" are truely random and not "hey guys on one day he got a perfect 10 for 10 and got 310 hawkmoons!!" method. He averaged 22% Exotics per 3oC over this period of time. When he used a toon without a fully leveled subclass that went down to 16%.

He found 49 exotics out of 221 3oC across the 3 accounts. The rate was slightly higher on the account with 3 maxed out toons and slightly lower on the account with only 2, He eventually stopped using the third toon on this account in the rotation due to bad RNG\Green drops instead of Exotics.

The final day after he had refined the method he used 75 3oC and found 17 Exotics. He now banks them for the December update in hopes for 220/230 and Y1 exotics that are being brought up to Y2 level.

He also encouraged everyone of us to try the method and if you attempt it, keep real records of things like time between ultra kills, how many 3oC and exotics you use. Beware that events in Hull Breech can use your 3oC prematurely as he found a decrypted 310 Jade Rabbit and 310 Titan arms (on my Warlock) in the mail after a 12 hour farming session.

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Credits: Special thanks to stratospaly for the guide.