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The Best (Secret) Breeding Method in Dragomon Hunter Revealed!

<<< Variables >>> 

A = Dragomon A 
B = Dragomon B 
Norm = Normal Dragomon / 30% Movement Speed 
Swift = Swift Dragomon / 35% Movement Speed 
Variant = 1st Variant Dragomon / 35% Movement Speed 
Hasty = Hasty Dragomon / 40% Movement Speed 
Rare Variant = 2nd Variant Dragomon / 40% Movement Speed 
| = OR 

<<< Breeding >>> 

Breeding is available in the Ranch once you have completed the quest to fight you first hoppadome around level 16 or so. It is your personal area where only friends can come in. You can do many things here such as breeding, cooking, defending, pasturing, etc... I am not gonna go into detail as to what you can do in the ranch, because there are some guides out there already. However, BE CAREFUL!!! WHEN YOU RECORD A MOUNT. YOU CAN NEVER RETRIEVE IT BACK INTO YOUR INVENTORY. 

<<< Process >>> 

Breeding can be accessed through one of the ranch npc. To breed you must have fed the dragomon and filled up their exp bar to 100%. in the breeding tab, you pick dragomons with full 100% exp and enter them into the barn. Once you have put two dragomons in the barn, you will then see a number inside the red heart indicating their compatibility. This compatibility depends on many different attributes such as disposition, species, and other factors covered in other guides. Successful breeding depends on luck(RNG). The higher the compatibility the higher the chance for them to breed. 


This is the magical formula not included in the other guides. For the record, breeding any dragomon will not create a normal dragomon. You can only get a swift, variant, hasty, and rare variants, never a normal. 

Norm A + Norm A = Swift A 

Norm A + Norm B = Swift A | Swift B | Variant A | Variant B 

Swift A + Swift A = Swift A | Hasty A 

Swift A + Swift B = Swift A | Swift B | Variant A | Variant B | Hasty A | Hasty B | Rare Variant A | Rare Variant B 

Variant A + Variant B = Swift A | Swift B | Variant A | Variant B | Hasty A | Hasty B | Rare Variant A | Rare Variant B 

Swift A + Variant A = Swift A | Hasty A 

Swift A + Variant B = Swift A | Swift B | Variant A | Variant B | Hasty A | Hasty B | Rare Variant A | Rare Variant B 

This is not all the combinations but it is the most basic combinations that work to breed Variants and Rare Variants 

<<< Tip And Tricks >>> 

Here is some tips:

1. Fastest way to get a Rare Variant. Im gonna use raptite and rock gigant since these are the first two ranch dragomons that u can obtain. 
a.) obtain and put into farm two raptites and two rock gigants (recommend docile/timid/normal dispositions) 
b.) put them out in the pasture and feed them Sauteed Pork until their exp bar is full. 
c.) breed the two raptite together and get a swift raptite. Do the same with rock gigants. 
d.) put the swift raptite and swift rock gigant out in the pasture. (docile/timid/normal disposition preferred) 
e.) feed them sauteed pork until the exp bar is full 
f.) breed swift raptite and swift rock gigant together. 
d.) if you are lucky you can obtain a steelskin rock gigant or a swift red-eye raptite. if not you will get the swift versions of the raptite or gigant or their variant (refer to the formula up top) 

2. Compatibility: 80+ compatibility when you put the two dragomons in the barn. However,have a 96-98 compatibility can fail, but everything above 100 has never failed me. So anything under 100 is based on luck (RNGesus) 

3. Placement in barn: Whichever dragomon variant or rare variant you want to get to put that dragomon first into the barn. This is just a superstition but the many times you have bred you seem to get more successful variants by doing this. 

4. IFarm dragomon points daily to be able to trade for mats also maxing ur daily kill/gather (1000) for farming the mats u need for cooking. 

5. It takes a lot of gold, patience, and luck to be a successful breeder. Work hard and it will pay off. The first time I made my first Rare Variant in CBT, which was Molten Pantherus, I was thrilled and happy. Its worth it!! 

6. Feel free to add me to your friend's list if you want to play around or defend my ranch. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope it helped even if a little. 

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Credits: Guide by Penetrator