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Soloing Oryx is Possible in Destiny: The Taken King

There are at least a handful of players in the community attempting to solo Oryx right now, with some players getting close. Don't be surprised if somebody completes the challenge this week, before next reset. Well, that's just a prediction.

However, as mentioned before, with all those players trying out every method possible to solo Oryx, we might possibly see one that will post something about solo-ing Oryx. So, to convince you that this is possible, here's some facts that makes soloing Oryx possible.

Previously, someone figured out how to stagger Oryx solo consistently using a Sleeper Simulant. You can check out the link of the gif below, showing you how to do it:
By wearing an exotic warlock chest with the carry more heavy ammo perk (Alchemist's Raiment and Starfire Protocol), we get 9 Sleeper Simulant shots, allowing us to stagger Oryx for 3 rounds.

At tier 5 intellect, the warlock's super will be charged in time to self-resurrect after the bombs explode. One big hurdle was just getting the minimum 16 bombs in ~6 rounds, before enrage. Some players recently discovered how to reliably enrage Ogres and that has allowed us to lure Ogres and stack them.

Here is an attempt where someone managed to detonate 4 bombs in one round solo.

Solo Oryx Attempt - 4 Bombs in One Round

Another recent discovery makes the Shade of Oryx in the shadow realm much easier. If the warlock gets their super before Doxology, they can die and then self-resurrect outside the shadow realm. Equipping Bad Juju and killing the thrall when teleported in helps charge the super faster. Not being required to kill the Shade makes it easier, but the big thing is it saves precious special ammo.

That's every aspect of the fight that the community has conquered. So what is taking so long? Well, a successful run will be one that combines perfect gameplay with quite a bit of luck. Not just once, but 5 or 6 rounds in a row. There are plenty of things that can break a run. One of those is the Vessel of Oryx. Since we can't get the relic, we can't kill the Vessel and he's just running around down there. Not only does he run around trying to eat bombs, he'll also shoot boomer shots at you and he's always carrying a giant protective bubble that can block you from damaging ogres. That can prevent an ogre enrage, cause a death since the ogres shoot you and you can't do anything, or just any combination of bad things. Basically, the Vessel of Oryx sucks and we all hate him.

Another thing that can go wrong are the ogres themselves. Now, most of the time they stack neatly on one side so you can kill those two and their bomb detonation areas will overlap. Sometimes they don't play nice and don't stay close together on one side. But even if they do, you need more than two bombs in a round. You need to aggro the ogres on the other side of the map. If they're close, it's much easier. The ogre "enrage" lasts for a limited amount of time, so you can only lure them a set distance before they are no longer enraged. Even if you could lure them a long distance, taking too much time between the Oryx stagger and the bombs exploding causes his chest to close up and Oryx regains the favor of darkness, taking no damage.

Eventually the perfect RNG and perfect gameplay will come together for one of these players, for 5 or 6 rounds in a row. The Vessel won't be a jerk, ammo will rain down from the heavens, ogres will play nice and quickly follow you in rage to their fallen comrades, and the player won't make any mistakes. When that happens, Oryx will fall to a Legend.

Until then, you can watch and enjoy the bloopers below:
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Credits: Special thanks to 3nippledman for sharing his thoughts about this possible solo Oryx.