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Secret Locations That You Should Probably Visit in Fallout 4

The Boston Commonwealth is one of the most dense maps in the history of video games. There's almost too much to do and see in this beautiful post-apocalyptic wasteland. But if you're enjoying Fallout 4, there are a few places that require your immediate attention!

Please know that for some players the following places may be classified as spoilers! You've been warned, sole survivors.

The Rocket Shed

To the northeast of Relay Tower 0BB-915, lies a little shack. A wastelander once lived here, and decided to entertain themselves by collecting a vast supply of propane canisters. The stuff you do to pass the time in the apocalypse, huh? There are a load of launchers lying around in here, and plenty of ammunition. Do yourself a favor, and check this place out!

The Stonehenge of Boston

If you happen upon the Walden Pond on your travels, head a little bit south of it and you'll come across some strangely arranged destroyed cars. We're not entirely sure why they're here, or why a Stonehenge in Boston was necessary, but be wary of the terrifying monster that lives near by. It thinks it owns the cars.

Crazy Cat Cabin

Since you're hanging around the Walden Pond area, why not take a little trip more southeast of Car-henge to a little cabin? This cozy little place was once the home of a hermit, a hermit who really liked cats. Apparently they were treated so well that the animals have chosen to stay behind. The place is filled with adorable cat pictures too. A little weird... but still kinda cute... and weird.

A Terrifying Shark

Around where you discover the Salem Museum of Witchcraft, just in the bay to the north actually, you'll find a rather an unusual site, an homage. This site here is a replica of the conclusion to Steven Spielberg's classic Jaws, complete with a terrifying oceanic predator. There's also a sunken shark cage under the water, assumedly referencing Hooper's equipment.

Another UFO

Fallout 3 had one, now Fallout 4 has one. UFOs seem to be a common thing in the wastelands... maybe the world powers should have focused on fighting these guys instead of each other! You'll find this baby north of the ruins of Somerville. There's also a cave nearby. Follow the green goo for a little surprise.

Nukes on Diamond City

If you follow this video, you'll be able to (rather difficulty) climb your way up on top of the stadium that is Diamond City. Here you can find a place to fix up your power armor, some furnishings, and even mini-nuke ammo! We're not sure if this is a place that Bethesda intended us to reach, or whether Diamond City was initially going to be bigger. But anyway, it's a cool little secret location.

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Source: IGN