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Most Efficient Strategy to Clear Totem Section in King's Fall Raid on Destiny: The Taken King (Guide)

Here's a strategy which is way gives you less risk of dying or making misakes in the totem section before the warpriest stage in King's Fall Taid on Destiny: The Taken King.

Note: This strategy also works well in Hardmode.

  • Start by picking two guardians to be on totem duty the entire time. They need to have swords. Split the remaining four players into pairs. These pairs will hang tight in those underhangs on each side of the stairs by the plate.
  • The two totem guardians go over to the left and right respectively. Get your sword out and don't grab the aura.
You know the pools of sludge/mist that kill you if you walk into them before grabbing the aura? Yeah, we're gonna be walking into that. Hold down that left trigger and walk into the sludge/mist until the sword block makes a "pop" sound, then walk back out to safety. It's easiest to not accidentally die if you just hold the sword block down the whole time. Repeat this about 14 times, or 14 ticks of ammo, until the sword stops indicating damage being blocked. You should now be able to run freely around the side rooms without taking damage.

Here's a video guide on the sword blocking part:

Go stand on your totem and stay there for the the rest of the fight. You won't have to worry about much as long as you keep the boomer knights under control, the rest of the adds are easy.

Now to the two pairs in the center! For whatever reason, none of you will ever have to run to the totems now. One player from each pair takes the aura, and runs back to their underhang next to the stairs.

Side note: the two players with the aura cannot stand together. If the auras touch, you both die.

Side note 2: Enemies don't get up to attack when you grab the aura. Didn't get the chance to explore that with my fireteam but it's worth pointing out!

From here on out, it plays out almost semi-normal. Your auras will count down while you're in the center room, then you get the deathsinger's power and the aura passes to your buddy. Run to the plate and charge the runes, then back to your buddy in the underhang before his aura runs out. Rinse and repeat! You'll swap out like this and shoot adds the whole time. Priority goes to the knights, they pose the biggest threat to the totem guys. It's okay to let some thrall slip by as they are a good ammo source.

And that's pretty much it! It's ridiculously safe to the point that we did it on hard with a bunch of low 300s alts without anyone dying. The biggest weak point is that there's only one player on each totem, so make sure you don't die if you're on totem duty.

Go out and enjoy! (until it gets patched)

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Credits: Special thanks to TheMarylandMartins for the video and to rageak49 for the guide.