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Level 90 Smasher/Warmage Build Guide in Dragon Nest [T5]

Here's a guide for level 90 Smashers or also called War Mages in other Dragon Nest servers.

Lv90 WM Build Outline:

Example of a Complete Build :

Orange Room Build:

T5 Skill Chart

Skill Coefficients

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Coefficient Source:

For that chart above, the coefficient for Laser Cutter was changed in Wave 3 from being 1,333 to just being 1,0 with the explosive hit just being +50% of the board.

Lv11 - Laser Cutter EX
*Damage: 5588%
*Explosive hit: 50% of board = 2,794%
*Total Hitcount on Dragon: 23 hits: 11 (5588%) + Explosive Hit (2,794%) + 11 (5588%) = 13970%
*Per Hit: 5588%/12hits = 466% of the skill's total board per hit
*Explosion hit: 2794%/1 = 2794%

So, the explosive hit of Laser Cutter is equivalent to about 6 hits of the normal hits.

*[Vid] - LC change (notes in description): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN7raRCXbEs
Utility Skill Overview


Your main re-positioning tool in T5 and it grants the caster an extended iframe to dodge skills. You're also able to cast Dark Nova and proc your EX-Instant with it.

Dark Nova

This skill allows the caster to stop their Blink/teleport mid-way, it also serves as a means of activating your EX-Instant to deal damage. So you'll be able to use your Spectrum Ray to reset the cooldown of your EX-Instant so you can use it again.


Stops time in the immediate area for 6 seconds at Lv1. 
Gains +2s duration per level with a max 14s duration at 5/5. 
In 90cap, there's pretty much nothing worth using Timestop on and no one really has a clue about how Ice Dragon Nest will be.

Fast Forward:

*Maxed at Lv1
*80% CD recovery for yourself only
*15sec duration

Force Mirror

*Maxed at Lv1
*12sec summon duration
*12sec debuff duration
*Magic Damage taken is fixed at +20%

Arcane Overdrive

*Maxed at Lv1 = can't tech it any higher.
*Magic Damage: +16%
*MP Cost: 1.1x
*Duration: 180sec = perm

*9TL -> Spectrum Ray -> Laser Cutter -> Ray EXi
*Laser Cutter -> 9TL -> Spectrum Ray -> Ray EXi
*Teleport -> VB -> Ray EXi -> Spectrum Ray -> Ray EXi
*Blink/VB -> Ray EXi -> Spectrum Ray -> Ray EXi
*Triple Orbs (x2 orbs) -> Blink/VB -> Ray EXi


The play style of this class in T5 is structured around the use of your Nine Tail Laser EX, Spectrum Ray EX/Spectrum Ray EX's Instant, Laser Cutter EX and your main steroid, Fast Forward. Teleport is used to help setup for these skills while the other dps skills are used to maintain a decent level of dps while those mentioned skills are on cd.

Nine Tail Laser EX
*Achieves its highest damage at point-blank range (Shotgun 9TL: +/-1M) and around 4M away (which is where the parabolic laser shots converge). 
*Human-sized bosses receives the most damage from this skill at point-blank range (Shotgun range) because of the trajectory of your parabolic laser shots and the fact that they'll deal damage over a wide area.
*Medium to large-sized bosses will achieve max damage if you aim in their direction .-.

Spectrum Ray EX + EX-Instant:
This is your main nuke and secondary mob clearing spell in T5 depending on whether you’ve gotten Lv6/11 Comet or not.

Upon activating, you're given a 2s-3s window to use the EX-Instant before it goes on its own cooldown. 

When you use your EXi after pressing your 32, you char will stop channeling the 32, but the skill itself will continue to go through its animation. What happens next is, your char will began performing the EX-Instant instead. So you’ll be dealing damage with both skills at roughly the same time frame.

Laser Cutter EX
As mentioned above under that coefficient chart, Laser Cutter has changed alot from T4 (40-80cap) and T5 (90cap+). This skill is still strong because its DMG/CT values are high which is what matters in burst windows, also the CT is only about 1.32s.

Fast Forward
This skill has been turned into a self-buff in T5 and it's your main bossing steroid, this skill grants max CDR at lv1 with a duration of 15s.
*When trying to determine which skills to use under FF, the most important factor to consider are your DMG/CT values.

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Credits: Special thanks to iCerulian for this guide.