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Level 90 PVE Crusader Build Guide in Dragon Nest [T5]

This will be a straight forward guide on how to build your Crusader towards PvE at level 90 cap [T5] in Dragon Nest.

A. Stats Priority

Light Atk % > MDMG > PDMG > INT > AGI/Crit > HP/VIT > STR

Crusaders no longer benefit from high STR/INT due to the removal of HoG buff. INT is somewhat prioritized due to Sader skills' bias towards MDMG. Increasing STR is only a luxury after having sufficient Light Atk %, DMG, Crit, and HP. Generally speaking, focusing on INT/STR will not greatly benefit Zeal since 2 INT/STR essentially equals 1 MDMG/PDMG.

L-Grade Users:

Light Atk % > STR > MDMG > PDMG > INT > AGI/Crit > HP/VIT

Due to the huge amount of flat STR stat provided by the L-grade equipment, users of L-grade are better off focusing on STR (e.g., use Brutal Gems) since the STR percentage bonuses benefit greatly from the flat STR amount.

Cleric Stat Scaling Values:

B. Skill Build

C. Rotations

0. Crusader's Zeal > ...

1a. Charitable Zap > Goddess Relic > Judgmental Hammer > Shield Charge > Electric Smite INS > Electric Smite

1b. Charitable Zap > Goddess Relic > Judgmental Hammer > Divine Hammer

2. (Filler) Sacred Hammering/Righteous Bolt ( > Goddess Relic )

3. Electric Smite > Armor Break > Electric Smite INS

Crusaders go from long range to close range in order to utilize the range of Zap, Relic, and Hammer.
Goddess Relic goes after Zap since the 10s debuff window is short.
Smite and Smite INS do not share a cooldown. Use them in succession so that they can be cooled down together by Class Mastery I.
Sacred Hammering and Righteous Bolt filler to reset Smite/INS cooldown.
Goddess Relic can be used after filler depending on CD and target positioning.

D. Skills Addendum

[Heart of Glory]
Used for invincibility/move speed utility. Divine Hammer is not great in terms of DPS since it takes so long to land all 3 hits. Safety from HoG and DPS from Smite might be better depending on situation.

[Iron Will]
Decent defensive skill, but the even better defensive skill is dodging all attacks. The long CD makes it not worth dumping points in the whole tree just to reach it.

Don't get this skill. Crusader skills have long windup and blocking will interrupt mid-cast. Be attentive to enemy patterns and dodge manually before attacking.

[Armor Break]
Doesn't do nothin' except break enemy shields. Since it comes before Smite INS, might as well level it for the tiny bit of extra damage.

Attracts monster attention. Raid/Party utility.

[Shin Breaker]
It's an iframe. Use it to dodge attacks.

[Goddess Relic]
-20% Elemental Resistance 20s debuff from EX.

[Attuned Mind]
Helps a little with MP recovery.

[Mental Fortitude]
Mostly useless except in parties with an MP healer. Most of your MP loss will come from keeping Elemental/Conviction Aura on, and the MP loss from those skills are % (percentage), meaning that it is scaled to your max MP.

[Aura of Healing]
The healing is tiny right now. Think of it as recovery over time. Better than nothing. Might be upgraded in the future.

[Holy Kick]
Used as utility for pushing stuff and breaking enemy shields. Nowhere else to put points, so might as well 11 it.

Blocks some attacks after cast. Not effective against certain boss attacks/mechanics.

[Righteous Bolt]
4 bolts, so sheet damage at Lv26 should be 200% x 4. Still very weak. Use to reset Smite only.

E. Stat Crests


Adorned is less recommended if you focus on INT, since you will have naturally high MDEF from boosting INT. The last slot can be given to one of 3 and more if you have NX Slots. Generally speaking, all 3 are nice but not necessary. You should ONLY have Ultimate if you plan to break 2.5k FD, otherwise it is the equivalent of ~3% bonus damage.

Special mention: Superb Limit is great if you have extra slots. Crusaders have naturally high Crit DMG due to boosting two main stats (STR/INT). Having a high base Crit DMG means more points from the % increase from the crest.

F. Skill Crests


Goddess Relic - DMG
Electric Smite - DMG
Judgmental Hammer - DMG
Divine Hammer - DMG

Charitable Zap - DMG
Crusader's Zeal - Duration
Roundhouse Kick - Action Speed
Holy Kick - Action Speed

G. Items

Armor (Offensive) - RDNL > BDNL > Lv90 Epic > RDNU > Old Ranchea
Armor (Defensive) - Lv90 Epic > RDNL > RDNU > Old Ranchea > BDNL

Weapons - RDNL > BDNL > RDNU > Old Ranchea/Ruler (+12 or higher) > Lv90 Epic
(Use Flails, not Maces)

Necklace - Lv90 Epic > Technique Bloodstone Necklace (Pure STR/INT, +1 Electric Smite) > BDNL 3 set > Ranchea 4 set > Benedict

Earring - Technique Bloodstone Earring (Pure STR/INT, +1 Charitable Zap) > Lv90 Epic > BDNL 3 set > Ranchea 4 set > Benedict

Rings - DDNL Pure MDMG sparked 3 elements incl. Light > Totem Ring sparked STR/INT/Light > BDNL 3 set > Lv90 Epic > Ranchea 4 set > Benedict

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Credits: Guide by Shou