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How to Install Incompatible\Region-Restricted Apps On Your Android Phone

How to Install Region-Specific Apps:

Here, we are going to use a VPN service called TunnelBear, which is a great application available on the Google Play Store for free. Download that, are refer to our guide below.

1. Launch the application, and create an account for your use.

2. Just use the switch to turn on the service, and tap anywhere on the globe or map you see on the

screen and the bear will hop into that tunnel, enabling you to overpower your smartphone.

3. If you get a confirmation request, accept it.

4. Connecting to a VPN service might take a little bit of time, and we insist you do not press back at any cost. Once done, you can easily use the Google Play Store to download the applications which were once unavailable in your region.

How to Install Incompatible Apps:

Market Helper is a great application which practically helps you install an application which is incompatible for you Android device.

1. Download Market Helper, and launch it.

2. Now you will be able to see four main menus, each having a lot of options to choose from. The menus respectively are ‘Device Type’, ‘Device Model’, ‘Location’, and ‘Carrier’. These will be auto-filled to match your actual device’s readings. What you are going to do is simply change these settings to result in the Google Play Store to think your device as some other one.

3. Select a Device type, a device model, a suitable region, and at last a carrier.

4. Tap activate at the bottom, and if the root window pops up, tap to access it. This might take some time, but it is worth the wait.

5. You can now launch Google Play Store, to see that your device is now supported with a ton of different apps now.

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