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How to Get Aluminum, Copper & Bottlecaps Super Fast in Fallout 4

Okay before anything else, I will just state that this ain't a nitty gritty guide on how to get aluminum, copper and bottlecaps in Fallout 4. This is just a page that gives you tips and methods on the fastest way to get these resources fast and easy.

Getting copper in Diamond City

Arturo is during the day in the Marketplace . He sells shipments of Aluminum, Copper, Gear and Screws. So if you need Copper or other material than this is the place to be. 
Aluminum can be used to upgrade your Power Armor.

Getting more Copper!

When you want to buy more copper or other marterials then you need to search a chair or something you can wait with. You should wait for 24 hours and if he didnt resupply than wait another 24 hours etc.

Getting more Aluminum

You can check out some video guides on how to find and get aluminum fast and easy below:

Here's a guide on how to find aluminum in fallout 4:

Here's another video, explaining how to get aluminum fast and easy:

Getting Easy & Fast Bottlecaps

So in order to buy these copper shipments or other marterials you will need bottlecaps
This is a really easy and fast way to get a lot of bottlecaps without cheating.

What do you need?
Water pumps (A ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of water pumps)
Generators (to power the pumps!)

Lets get started!

What you will need to do is place as much water pumps as you can. When you have a buttload of waterpumps just wait a few minutes and go in your workshop and you will see Purified water. You can sell each Purified water for like 9 Bottlecaps.

So basically if you have 120 Purified water, that makes 1080 Bottlecaps each time.

So that's all about it guys! I hope these tips helps you in a way as it helped me.

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Credits: Special thanks to waterlex for the tips and, to Dat Saintsfan and Jon for the video guides.