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How to Farm Syndicate Medallions Fast in Warframe

What you need to know to find those dastardly medallions and earn moar syndicate standing each day!

What Are Medallions?

They are little trinkets that you can find and turn in to their respective syndicates (at Relays/Tenno Hubs) to redeem syndicate standing.

Where do I find them?

- Any of your daily syndicate missions.
- For a collection of scrrenshots of missable medallion locations, click HERE !

How do I find them?

Do they drop from enemies?
- Nope.
Do they drop from containers?
- Nope.
Do they fall from the sky?
- ...
- They're just lying around in some dark corner somewhere.

Common Medallion (500 standing): No Glow
ex) Insignia (Steel Meridian)

Uncommon Medallion (1000 standing): Glowing Aura
ex) Defender Insignia (Steel Meridian)

Rare Medallion (5000 standing): Glowing Aura and Beam of Light
ex) General Insignia (Steel Meridian)

How many can I find per mission?
Depends. Based on the wiki and forums, the mission type and tileset affects the number of medallions. Mission can spawn up to 8 medallions or none at all. Rare instances of mission spawning any number of medallions between 0 and 8, even just 1.
*To help out with this section, post a comment below on how many medallions spawned for each mission type as well as the tileset the mission took place.

[CGC] Corpus Gas City: 0 - 8
[CIP] Corpus Ice Planet: 1 - 3
[CO] Corpus Outpost: 2 - 8
[CS] Corpus Ship: 0 - 8
[GA] Grineer Astroid: 0 - 8
[GF] Grineer Forest: 0 - 8
[GG] Grineer Galleon: 0 - 3
[GSe] Grineer Settlement: 0 - 8
[GSh] Grineer Shipyard: 0 - 8
[IS] Infested Ship: 0 - 8

* The 'Courtyard' map (two tall stuctures on either side of the cyropod, tall tower in the back, and large cliff-face in the front) can have up to 2 medallions (all found in the large tower: 1 at the top floor just outside the room and 1 in the room right below).

* The 'Dam' map (large pit in the middle with longs bridges connected in a rectangle) can have up to 3 medallions (found at the bottom: 2 inside the lowest orange cargo-containers and 1 laying outside next to a closed door).

*sidenote: Getting more than 1 rare medallion per mission is possible.


What should I bring?
- I can not stress this enough, BRING A MOD WITH LOOT RADAR!!! Medallions will show
up on the mini-map with the following mods:
-> Thief's Wit (Warframe Mod)
-> Loot Detector (Warframe Aura Mod)
If you can, bring both! Some medallions can be hidden outside the range of your loot radar if
you're only using one.

Where should I look?
- Run around the map like a mad man and search every nook and cranny! But mostly bee-line
from one loot marker on your mini-map to the next.
- Keep in mind that some mission may not have medallions (e.g. Corpus Ship Defense). So no
need to panic if you couldn't find any.
- Try to stealth or turn off the alerts/alarms as frequent as possible. Those pesky control console
icons can end up covering up loot icons that can potentially be medallions.
- Utilize wall running, air dashing (quick melee while in mid-air), and coptering (quick melee while
ground/air sliding) to get to hard to reach places.

Squad or Solo?
- Try form groups that will assist in hunting dem medallions and not rush to extraction. Or just go
solo and take your sweet, sweet time.
- If you do plan on hunting as a group, EVERYONE has to pick up the medallion themselves or
they won't get it. So be sure to waypoint medallions for everyone.
- If you join a mission mid-game and the host (or everyone in the squad, not sure) has already
picked up a medallion, that medallion won't spawn in your game. So it is really recommended to
form your own squads or play solo.
- Only people who have access to and still hasn't done the mission yet will see the medallions.
Not satisfied with finding only common medallions?
- Well you can always restart and try again! Each time different medallions will generate on the
map (same number of them too so maybe it isn't all random?). Who knows, you might end up
finding a rare medallions ;) (that's 5,000 syndicate standing!!!)
- Do keep in mind though, that quantity doesn't mean quality. Sure you'll have more chances at
getting a higher rarity medallion, but 1 rare = 5 uncommon = 10 commons. So a run with only 5
6 medallions could potentially be worth more than a run with 8.

Bonus Tip: If a player outside the rank of the syndicate mission is brought in at the start (invited in prior to mission) then the mission plays the same as any regular mission with no medalions at all (for the invited player) HOWEVER if a third player joins after the mission begins then however many medalions remain become availbe (again for the invited player).

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Credits: Special thanks to SkySplitter for this guide.