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How To Change CSC (Consumer Software Customization) In Samsung Galaxy Devices

CSC (Consumer Software Customization) or CSC is an essentiality for devices, and it is responsible for the geographic location and regional differences between the galaxy smartphones.

Part of the reason as to why you would want to do that is due to the fact that only some specific regions receive OTA updates the first. For you to be able to get hands on the OTA update, you would just have to change the CSC. You can basically tell Samsung that your device belongs to Europe, while it belongs to Australia. We’re here to make your work just even simpler. Here’s how to Change CSC In Samsung Galaxy Devices. Change CSC In Samsung Galaxy Devices Please do note that changing your device’s CSC means that you’ll be totally resetting your device, so backup anything that’s important to you.

How To Change CSC In Samsung  Galaxy Devices:

1. Launch your phone’s dialer, and type in the following code, and replace the italics text via your phone’s IMEI number. “*#272*Phone’s IMEI Here#”

2. Your phone will automatically pop up a screen, with some fancy codes all over it. Don’t freak out yet.

3. You will notice some codes with a radio button beside each and every one of it. These are the CSC codes that your galaxy device supports.

4. All you need to do is select the one code that fancies you, and head over back to home.

5. Now, your device will automatically restart, and factory reset itself.