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How to Build Anywhere in Fallout 4

You wanna know how to build anywhere you want in the commonwealth? Just follow this simple guide to find out!

How To Do It

Step 1. Press ~ on your keyboard.

Step 2. Type in " tgm " 

Step 3. Type in " Player.Placeatme c1aeb" That will place a Workshop at your feet.

Step 4. Hold down V to start building!

Here's a screenshot to show you how this works:

The Bedroom!

The Size of the workshop area.

If you are in a enclosed place like a Vault, or Diamond city the radius of the workshop will be as big as that place, so if you use the inside of the Prydwen for example, it SHOULD be as large as the area you are loaded into.

Note: If it's outside, it should be as large as sanctuary.

There you go, that's how to build anywhere you would like in Fallout 4!