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How Can Destiny Companion App Help You in Maximizing Your Light Level

The Destiny companion app is one heck of a helpful app that help many Guardians manage their character with the flick of their fingers. And now, it just gone even better! The App has now a new feature which adds the ability to sort by all kinds of different modifiers.

It's called the Gear Manager, and it's currently in beta for those who use the web version of the app (sorry mobile users). If you're a hardcore Destiny player, your vault is likely filled with all manner of exotic and legendary items. Sorting through them all can be a pain, especially if you are looking for something specific perk or stat but can't remember what piece of gear it's on. Instead of having to manually look at each piece of gear, a new search ability lets players look for specific perks or qualities across all their characters.

In addition to the Gear Manager, the app now has the new built-in "Maximize Light" button feature. With the press of a button, the app will look at all of your items across characters and your vault before equipping your chosen Guardian with the gear that will grant them the highest light level available. If you're looking at boosting your light to the fullest ahead of tackling the latest raid, this feature should definitely save you some time.

A number of smaller improvements and fixes have also come with the latest update. Players can now split and consolidate stacks of goods when transferring them, and new 3D models have been added for weapons and armor. Notifications are now also aggregated so that users aren't flooded with activity notifications.

No word yet on when the Gear Manager will leave beta and be available to those using the companion app on mobile devices, but rest assured that we will update you if a news of its official release date will be available soon.

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