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Hardmode Oryx Strategy and Role of Each Class Guide in Destiny: The Taken King

So here's a descriptive and in depth take on doing oryx which is based on a player who have done Oryx several times.

For starters I personally feel the "No knight" method is a terrible strategy. For 2 reasons. Too often the relic runner has issues with low health and death with oryx and 4 ogres shooting them. Most games I see, they go to get aura with a "!" Over their head or they die. This puts a lot of pressure and basically the whole fight on your runner. The second biggest issue is timing on bomb detonation after ogre death. Getting this coordination down is awful with no knight. Either front/back falls too fast or one side the bombs are too far. It leaves a whole lot of room for error considering most teams can't get over the communication wall. Other than that it's considered a "cheese" and it feels much better when you do it legit. Especially when the standard method truly is not hard. It is just overthought.


Relic Runner - Needs to be fast. The longer you take the longer your teammates sit on platforms under fire. Hunter and Titans are best for fast "forward progress" jumps. Achievable with warlocks but the hang time on the jump makes you slow. Pausing between platforms and sprinting again is bad. Call when you obtain relic so your team knows to gather mid for safety.

Platformers - Your "1, 2, and 3" spots for pedestals. Picking numbers is better than designated platforms. Less confusion. You detonate the bomb of the platform you were at on that rotation. Move with oryx. 1 tends to be the easier of the three because you have more time to control adds. Your focus as a Platformers is 1. Ogre. 2. Light eater knight. 3. Acolyte eyes until runner calls relic for you to run mid. Watch the axions. Crouching has literally the same effect of safety as no knight.

Floaters - The last 2 spots. Ideally they should be Titans. Pop a blessings bubble in middle under death singers platforms. Use touch of malice and weave in and out of bubble and help with ogres. When the ogres fall turn your attention to ads. Light eater knights, vessel, acolyte eyes, centurions are your focus. Cover your team. Designate 1 floater to pick up 4th bomb and 4th eater knight. Titans can pop double bubble with weapons and blessings on. But if you are having trouble, blessings is the all-round best bet when used with malice. Even for the echo.

When detonating Bombs: After runner gets the aura from vessel and your team goes to stagger oryx. Right after his stagger there is a full 30 seconds before the bombs need to be detonated. Use this time to be patient and clear ads. Thrall not important. Acolytes and centurions should be down before anyone leaves bubble. When the ads are clear each Platformer may make their way to their bomb but WAIT to enter it. Have someone issue a 3 second count and enter the bombs together on 3.

If everyone is fast enough there should not be much issues.

Key points: Relic runner needs to be fast. Runner needs to call out having relic for team. Team needs to pay attention to call for safety. Floaters ideally be Titan for bubble in middle. COMMUNICATE! And number 1 strategy... Don't die.

If someone at a certain role is having trouble they need to say something. Come up with quick calls for support. Need an ogre or knight killed? Call it out. "Back right knight" "front left ogre needs down" etc. don't play the quiet game and let ogres rape your team and knights ninja your orbs.


Fight begins. oryx slams first pillar. Titans pop bubbles right when he hits first pillar. Runner and Platformers jump up. Ogres and Knights dropped. Runner calls relic. Everyone meets mid in Titan bubble. 5 players focus extra ads here while waiting for aura. Runner retrieves aura. Oryx opens chest. Stagger him. Focus ads for safe bomb det(you have 30 seconds). Once ads clear/safe issue a count down. Blow bombs and go back mid. Rinse and repeat and everything else is standard "normal mode" strategy. Ogre timing should be fine with 2 floaters and a Platformer killing them. Light eater knight takes 2 head shots with decent sniper. Crouching works same as no knight for defense. It's not hard just don't over think it and fill your job. If you can't get a bomb or ogre. Stay alive and communicate to the team to handle it as a group. Death means wipe. 3 bombs each round will work but more rounds means more chance for error. 16 bombs required for oryx to go mid for kill.

Additional Notes:

Load outs focusing on high armor for health. War locks should be running sunsinger. Hunters can use night stalker on thralls on start phase to create orbs and help kill ogres. Gunslinger does good damage to ogres and the shade. Platformers can be any class but reserve Titans for floating and hunters for running ideally. Blessing/Malice combo at shade works very well. Refrain from tether as it makes him slam 2 times. Blessings is perfect to keep shield up for ads at shade and using malice. Snipers supers and rockets are efficient as well. Stand on the back side of you platforms(away from enemies) so crouch is most efficient. Platformers have a good view of their Knights coming from their own platform while crouched. 4th floater can pick off knight in mid or from death singers and drop down. Dedicated bombers can be picked if preferred, communicate with your team.

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