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Fallout 4 Console Commands List (Cheats)

Here are all the known console commands in Fallout 4. Take note that this page is a work-in-progress as there might be other console commands that are not yet discovered. Probably, they will be added here as soon as they are discovered.

Console Commands

Important Notes:
  • Alot of people are asking if achievements get disabled when using console. They do not.
  • The tilde ~ is how you use console.
  • To look for an item simply open console and type " help (item name) 0 " then type " player.additem (item ID) (and the amount). Example: player.additem 00000f 10

Now here are the useful console commands in Fallout 4:
  • tmm 1 - shows all locations
  • tdetect - The AI won't detect you anymor e.
  • tm - Toggles menus and UI on and off.
  • resurrect - Resurrects a target
  • Player.setlevel ## - Sets your Level to the number you put and gives you perks to spend
  • Unlock - Unlocks any Terminal or door
  • kill - Kills a target
  • killall
  • tgm - godmode
  • tcl - NoClip
  • player.additem 00000f 1000- gives you 1000 caps.
  • Coc (location) - this is the command you need to get to the secret area; just type "coc qasmoke" into the console without the apostrophes. Use (coc SanctuaryExt) to exit. Thanks Ace
  • AdvancePCSkill [AdvSkill]
  • Player Add.Item ()
  • Player.Setscale #
  • ShowQuestStages
  • ShowAllMapMarkers or tmm 1
  • ShowRepairMenu
  • ShowBarterMenu
  • ShowShowQuestItems
  • ShowQuestObjectives
  • ShowLooksMenu (1 for Haircut, 2 for Plastic Surgery)
  • setgs fJumpHeightMin ## - Modifies your jump.
  • tfc - Activates flycam.

Enabling Console if yours doesn't show up.

INIs are located in C:\Users{YOUR NAME}\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4.ini

Find (bAllowConsole=1) and set it to 1
If it isnt there just add in bAllowConsole=1

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