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Dragon Nest Silver Hunter Complete Skills Description & Data

As promised, here are all the skills of the newest class in Dragon Nest called the Silver Hunter, along with their descriptions and how they works.

Silver Hunter is the new spin-off class for Archer, introduced in Dragon Nest KR on 11th Nov 2015. Silver Hunter skill descriptions and data are listed in this page.

Stats Conversion

Silver Hunter is a magical class with light elemental attack.

Hunter: STR 0.25, AGI 0.5, INT 0.5
Silver Hunter: STR 0.25, AGI 0.5, INT 1
Crit damage 3, Crit 4

Since the class shares the same base job as Archer, only the skills from 1st job advance, Hunter and 2nd job advance, Silver Hunter will be listed here.

Silver Hunter skills can only be cast after equipping a Crossbow.

Hunter Skills

Skills are listed from top to bottom; left to right. Only skill data for lv 1, threshold level before max, & max level for level 90 cap will be listed.

Spiral Volt
CD 11sec
Shoot a divine arrow to the front. Press left or right arrow key  while casting the skill to move quickly in the corresponding direction.
Lv 1: 698%
Lv 16: 1384%
Lv 19: 1441%

Aerial Wild Shot
CD 18sec
Tumble backwards and shoot multiple arrows continuously at the previous location. Left click to shoot a large divine arrow.
Total 32 hits.
Lv 1: Each hit 31%, final shot 336%
Lv 16: Each hit 69%, final shot 829%
Lv 18: Each hit 70%, final shot 846%|

Arrow Storm
CD 15sec
Launch a divine arrow with special effect. When the arrow hits a target, it spread into Scatter Shot and deal damage to surrounding enemies. If the arrow does not hit its mark after a certain time,  the arrow turns into a guided shot and chase a nearby enemy.  If there are no enemies nearby, the arrow will disappear.
[ Scatter Shot]  8 hits
[ Guided Shot ] 5 hits
Each hit damage:
Lv 1: 167%
Lv 11: 251%
Lv 16: 284%

Deluge Bolt
CD 12sec
Generate multiple arrows and shoot forwards simultaneously. The arrows converge to a point in front.
5 hits. 8.5m range.
Each hit damage:
Lv 1: 376%
Lv 11: 534%
Lv 15: 568%

Raging Wind
CD 28sec
Launch a raging wind arrow to the front to gather surrounding enemies.  Induce damage debuff 20%, duration 10sec.
Lv 1: 1225%
Lv 11: 1964%
Lv 13: 2024%

Destruction Area (Lv 40 Ultimate)
CD 125sec
Switch to “Precision Aim Stance”. Take aim by pressing Up or Down arrow key. Press left-click to launch arrow at the aimed location. The arrow pierces any targets on its path and explodes upon contact with the ground.
Basic: 3m
1st stage : 8m
2nd stage: 13m
3rd stage: 18m
Lv 1: 3356%
Lv 2: 6025%


Summon Falcon
CD 60sec.
Summon Falcon to aid caster in battle, until the caster releases it. Falcon copies the stats of the caster and cannot be attacked by enemies. Falcon can use Falcon Rise and Falcon Strike automatically in battle.

Falcon Strike
CD 5sec
Falcon uses the skill automatically. Falcon charges forward rapidly to strike enemies in its path.
Lv 1: 452%
Lv 11: 725%
Lv 12: 736%

Falcon Rise
CD 5sec
Falcon uses the skill automatically. Falcon charges forward and flies upwards to attack enemies.
Lv 1: 539%
Lv 9: 783%

Monkey Catch
Jump forward/backward. Press right-click after casting to deal damage to surrounding enemies and jump forward/backward 1 more time. Can be triggered while moving forward/backward by pressing Spacebar.
Lv 1: CD 6sec, 237%
LV 5: CD 2sec, 260%


CD 8sec
Triggered by tumbling + right-click. Continuously kick enemies upward.
Lv 1: 219%
Lv 11: 453%
Lv 12: 466%

Liberty Attack
CD 15sec
Attack, tumble backwards and shoot a divine arrows.
Lv 1: 1086%
Lv 6: 1360%
Lv 9: 1428%

Hunter Eye
CD 30sec
Max Level 1
Int + 30%, Mag Attack + 30%, duration 180sec

Trap Master
CD 40sec.
Max Lv1.
After casting Trap Master, produce 10 traps by pressing arrow keys. Up – Explosive Trap
Left – Freeze Trap
Right – Flash Trap.
You can only hold 1 type of trap at 1 time.

CD 1sec
Place 1 trap you have produced on the ground, duration 30sec. Explosive, Freeze, Flash trap damage:
Lv 1: 994%, 721%, 617%
Lv 5: 1120%, 793%, 677%
Freeze trap induces Freeze status at 40% chance; Flash trap induces Blind status.


Air Raid
CD 8sec
Triggered by tumbling + left-click. Jump upwards with a handstand and unleash a divine shockwave.
0.3sec i-frame.
Lv 1: 203%
Lv 11: 407%
Lv 12: 418%

Cross Bow Link
CD 30sec
Enhance normal attack with higher stun chance and explosive damage. Stun chance 50%,  Damage 365% per shot.
Lv 1: Duration 30sec
Lv 6: Duration 80sec
Lv 8: Duration 100sec

Silver Hunter Skills

Trans Silver Hunter
CD 120sec
Duration 60sec
Increase 1 Energy (Bubble/Counter) every second.
Tumble can be used in air by consuming 3 Energy.
Spiral Bolt, Aerial Wild Shot, Arrow Storm, Deluge Bolt, Raging Wind can be used in air and their CD are reduced significantly (50%).
Convert % of INT to Mag Attack. Deal damage to surrounding enemies.
Lv 1: 3%INT > Mag Atk, 209%
Lv 4: 12%INT > Mag Atk, 230%

Tornado Shot
CD 25sec
Shoot an arrow with the power wind. Upon hitting a target,  the arrow generates a tornado, which can move forward slowly
Max 10 hits, each hit damage:
LV 1: 306%
Lv 11: 434%

Class Mastery I
Trans Silver Hunter CD is reduced by 3sec each time Spiral Bolt, Aerial Wild Shot, Arrow Storm, Deluge Bolt, or Raging Wind hits a target.

Class Mastery II
After using Liberty Attack, Tornado Shot become Tornado Shot INS and can be cast without charging. When Liberty Attack hits a target, reduce the CD of Tornado Shot INS by 25sec. Tornado Shot shares CD with Tornado Shot INS. Increase 5% mag attack.


Moment Evade
CD 6sec
Tumble and switch to Evasion Stance. Counter enemies’ attack with a divine shot and jump backwards.
Lv 1: 1780%

You can either choose A or B from the skills below.

Dodge Enhancement A
Moment Evade: counter damage + 50% final damage.

Dodge Enhancement B
Moment Evade: change to flip forward and the skill is regarded as aerial attack. The i-frame for counter action is increased slightly.

Attack Enhancement A
Final damage + 10%

Attack Enhancement B
Light elemental attack + 15%

Function Specialization A
“Falcon” is changed to “Wild Falcon”. The attack of Wild Falcon is 3 x higher. Duration 60sec; Wild Falcon is dispelled after the duration.

Function Specialization B
Trap debuff duration is increased by 50%.

Silver Hunter EX A
Trans Silver Hunter: grant 5sec invincibility after transform.

Silver Hunter EX B
Trans Silver Hunter: CD is reduced by 30sec.

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