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Dragon Nest Silver Hunter Class Full Details (KDN 2015/11/11 Silver Hunter Update)

- New class Silver Hunter was added

Silver Hunter can be specialized at LvL 50
Silver Hunter specialization quest can be obtained through remote quest or from NPC Archer Ishilien.
Hunter uses "Cross Bow", "Intellect" and "Magic Damage" class.
Party position is "Light element dealer".
Hunter has "Hit and run" style attack.
Also has support skills with summon [Falcon] and 3 different [Trap].

Silver Hunter main skils consist of [Spiral Bolt][Aerial Wild Shot][Arrow Storm][Deluge Bolt][Raging Wind] which have long skill delays.
When casting those main skills you can easily get interrupted but by using [Liberty Attack] you can establish a safe distance.[Monkey Catch] allow you to quickly escape current area.

Hunter uses [Trap],[Explosion] deal high damage or [Freeze] freeze opponents and debuff them. [Flash] blinds opponents in PvP.

- Silver Hunter skills

Summon Falcon
Immediately summons a falcon
Support user until skill is deactivated, falcon automatically uses [Falcon Strike][Falcon Rise] when they are obtained.

Monkey Catch
Air Tumble forward, quickly escape current area.
Pressing down arrow will tumble back.
Left click while using the skill, will damage nearby opponents and quickly escape current area forward&backward.

Trap Master
can choose either Explosion,freeze,flash and make trap.
Trap can be only be obtained 1 specific category.

Throws a trap into the field.
Circle shaped trap is automatically installed into the field.
If enemies is hit by trap, It does explosion damage.

Silver Hunter
Transform to Silver Hunter with holy power.
While being transformed tumble becomes air tumble, certain skills cooldown get reduced, skills can be used in air.

Tornado Shot
Launches stormwind shot.
If hit, creates powerful maelstrom, moves slowly toward enemies.

Class Mastery
When [Spiral Bolt][Aerial Wild Shot][Arrow Storm][Deluge Bolt][Raging Wind] skill are successfully hit, [Silver Hunter] skill cooldowns are reduced.

- New 2 dungeons are added.
- New Infinite Battlefield is added.
- Dark Banquet is added.
- Guild System was revamped.
- LvL 90 technique accessories crafting option was added.
- Damage meter option was added. Option can be found by pressing [N] and [DPS meter].
- From +11 gem enhancement, final damage is added.

+12 LvL 90 epic mystical gem
Enhanced stats
Phys DMG 924~924
Mag DMG 924~924
Int 319
FD 6

- Class Mastery 2 Skill changes
Class Mastery 2 damage increase values were changed.

- PvP AI Stats were adjusted to LvL 90.
- Equips apply to 15% in ladder.

Fireball Instant damage is higher than intended.
Chain Saw Tower is damage is lower than intended.

Update: Dragon Nest - Hunter Skill preview - New Class Silver Hunter

More details will be added as soon as they are available.

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