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Dragon Nest Level 90 Valkyrie (Sting Breezer) & Dragoon (Flurry) PvE Skill Build + Plates [T5]

For valkyrie's/sting breezer's lencea tree you can max all of the passives except flip kick because it is not relevant with other skills for both subclasses. You can also put some points into headbutt because it does the best damage of all lencea tree skills, but don't use it much so you can just dump the rest into forward pierce for another skill.

The lancer tree main focus is to put all skills with EX as high as possible but not sacrificing too much because everything is now magical in T5. You can get your skills to 16 or greater but double somersault is better use as mobility than damage, especially since there are so many skills that do =/+ the damage so I left it lv1. Spear reflect for knock-back mechs and hbf so you don't have to waste power tumble or time recovering. Circle of spears is valkyrie's EXi trigger but the damage is poor so just leave it at lv1 for the trigger effect. 

It is highly recommended maxing spinning takedown since it has 4394% at 16 which is half of a backflip pierce under weakpoint by itself. Since valkyrie has double the damage from the int stat in T5 the magic spinning takedown will do more damage than the physical one with the EX but you would have to cast lingering swing before you cast it to get the +30% magic attack buff to get the best damage of it.

Twirling chop lv6 because you might want to use it frequently for i-framing and quick filler damage and it's just too awesome skill to leave at lv1! 8D

The 3 main valkyrie bursts from strongest to least is: Piercing Spike + Vengeance From Above > Lingering Swing + Twirl Trance + Exi + Dance of Light > Lingering Swing + Spinning Takedown + Dance of Light. Also, T5 lets you be very creative with these bursts and you can mix some things to come up with even stronger combos depending on situation~ Like: Twirl Trance + Exi + Dance of Light + Spinning Takedown(there should be just enough time left on 65 passive duration for ST). This makes erratic power management hard though and unfortunately we can't give advice on how to use erratic power for T5 because it's something everyone has to get their own feel for sorry! Also, dance of light has 1040%(+1 tech) damage on a 5 sec CD so I decided to skill crest it to lv5.

The Recommended Plates:

  • Twirl Trance - Damage (Or CD if you don't play as aggressive)
  • Vengeance From Above - CD (So it lines up with piercing spike your biggest damage)
  • Hornet's Touch - CD (Very important for every valkyrie)
  • Piercing Spike - Damage (Main burst)
  • Lingering Swing - Damage (It's very strong filler now in T5, with DoL explosion it does more explosion damage than twirl or exi)
  • Headbutt - AS (If you love headbutt or pvp 8D)
  • High Kick - AS (To go along with headbutt)
  • Spinning Takedown - Damage (Very strong skill! Maybe the best optional plate!)
  • Double Somersault - CD (This is nice to have to save you from being hit in piercing spike animation or just having better mobility, one of my personal faves~!)
  • Spear of Light - Damage (This is nice fast filler damage, very convenient!)
One more note: Some people will use Leap for its raw damage as valkyrie, but still, many believes Champagne is better as Valk because the damage with the +25% light buff will really boost the top two bursts by a lot!

Dragoon's/Flurry's lencea tree is very straight-forward. It's same as valkyrie except maxing headbutt is important. Your points don't really matter on the DPS skills unless you're going hybrid pvp/pve where you would have Copter Strike lv6 for enhance versions and drop headbutt to 11 for it.

The dragoon lancer tree is pretty easy to follow since valk skills are only good with the ex. Lingering swing is the only good skill to trigger weakpoint and possibly twirl trance for it's entrance animation. If you want to get twirl trance, Don't put any points in it because of it's CD and lingering swing would be very nice to have some points in, especially if you have a CD plate for it for more weak point procs. On the dragoon side, maxing as much as can will be great to compliment the bonus damage and utility from the EX's.

Double-teching backflip pierce with skill-up crest and necklace tech is highly recommended. Any way to boost this damage is the only way to build a dragoon because other damage is irrelevant unless it's another BFP 8). Dragoon's main burst is Leap + BFP. The only other high burst skill is Spinning Takedown. Unfortunately the EXi is not very good like Charging Sweep since it doesn't give you the charging ticks for WP procs. 

Erratic power is also a lot more manageable in T5 for dragoon. You don't have to worry about not having erratic on for WP since you have 5 seconds duration to perform BFP. You can still use erratic power for skills like the CS, EXi, Spinning Takedown, Twirling Chop and maybe Twirling Thrust or Headbutts if other skills are down and you have counters to spare. 

Recommended Plates:

  • Backflip Pierce - Damage (Main burst)
  • Twirling Thrust - Action Speed (the best skill for procing WP!)
  • Charging Sweep - CD (Another great skill for procing WP, the CD is painful so CD it is!)
  • Spinning Takedown - Damage
  • Headbutt - AS (Because duh~)
  • High Kick - AS (For headbutt)
  • Twirling Chop - CD
  • Lingering Swing - CD 
One last thing: make sure to use forceful bounce frequentlys! It has -20% debuff now don't forget! Both class have it.

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Credits: Special thanks to Lutus for this guide.