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Dragon Nest Level 90 Skill Simulator (Updated for kDN T5/3R)

If you are looking for a level 90 skill simulator, then you are very lucky that you have found this page!

Someone has finally made a level 90 skill simulator and you can check it out below. But first, you might want to read some important notes and features about the level 90 skill simulator for Dragon Nest.


Tested only on latest Chrome and Firefox. Will try to keep it up to date + improve UI as time goes on. No plans to support other browsers.

- Min/Maxing Skills
Hold SHIFT or CTRL+ click/right click.

- Level Selection
Be able to change between caps at will!

- Skill Simulation Images

The Image box (red) allows you to download the skill trees images, while the the checkboxes (green) allows you to choose which skill trees to have in your image.

- Skill Images
Middle click on a skill icon to download it's active image.

- Build URLs
Revisit/share your simulation!

- Show All Skills
Press your INSERT button on your keyboard to reveal all the skills to avoid clicking individual skill trees.

- Skill Search
Use regular expressions to more easily identify what skills you are looking for. The skill search looks through the skill name and skill descriptions for matching expressions.

- PvP/PvE Mode
The PvP/PvE button at the top right of skill descriptions allow you to toggle what values to display. If the button says PvE, that means the description is for PvE. Click it, and it will toggle to PvP modes.

- Skill/SP Warnings
The SP/skill level/skill description will be colored red to tell you if your skill has other requirements to be fulfilled

Now here are the links to the level 90 skill simulator:

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Credits: Special thanks to Shrek for sharing this tip.