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Dragon Nest Level 90 PvE Dark Summoner Guide (Recommended Skill, Stats & Gears)

Credits: T5 Dark Summoner Skills, Stats, and Recommendations for PVE Guide by Aquamakeesha 

This is gonna be a massive post. This will be using understandable slang and abbreviations frequently, so head's up, its gonna sound ratchet XD. Currently in T4, DS is the hardest class to master for PVE, with all the slows, buffs, debuffs, mp depletion, crit building, more slows, more buffs, yoohoo genie, etc. Thankfully, this set back is removed in T5, and DS loses its support role, to become top tier DPS. DS and pyro are pretty much neck-and-neck for first place ^_^. This is a strictly PVE post.

***** KALI TREE *****

SOUL BREATH: 5s CD, 0 MP, 1 SP per rank, hits 2x. +25% more DMG and pierces through mobs at rank 6+.

rank 1: 108% rank 6: 128% rank 26: 260%

NEEDLES: 10s CD, 0 MP, 3 SP for first rank, then 1 SP after. DMG dealt over 5s

rank 1: 729% rank 6 : 928% rank 21 : 1522% rank 26: 1604%

GHOST KICK: 5s CD, 0 MP, 1 SP for only rank. Mobility skill

rank 1: 143%

TUMBLE: 2.6s CD, 0 MP, no SP, maxed at rank 1. Basic dodge

SKELETON EVADE: 20s CD, 0 MP , 5 SP for only rank. Secondary evade skill. Mostly used for mobility or dropping aggro. Lasts 3s

rank 1: 127%

PHANTOM GUARD: 30s CD, 0 MP, 10 SP for only rank. Used for SA boost. Lasts 29s

rank 1: SA +200%, 26% of HP DMG dealt to you is converted into MP DMG, DMG dealt to MP reduced by 80%.

GENIE: 30s CD, 0 MP, 0 SP for only rank. Slightly increases all stats. Lasts 5mins.

rank 1: Increases your STR, AGI, INT, and VIT by 10%.

AIR EVADE: 18s CD, 0 MP, 5 SP for only rank. Secondary evade skill.

RISING ATTACK: 12s CD, 0 MP, 1 SP for only rank. Used to quickly get up when knocked down, damaging nearby enemies.

rank 1: 143%

HP MASTERY: 1 SP per rank. Passively increases HP based on rank.

rank 1: +15% HP rank 4: +24% HP

MP MASTERY: 1 SP per rank. Passively increases MP based on rank.

rank: +15% MP rank 4: +24% MP

MP REGEN: 1 SP per rank. Regenerate MP every 2s based on rank.

rank 1: 50 MP every 2s, or 1500 MP per min 
rank 4: 200 MP every 2s, or 6000 MP per min.


PHANTOM CLAW: 15s CD, 416 MP, 3 SP rank 1, then 1 SP per rank. Left-click to hit mobs up to 4x. 25% board DMG per hit.

rank 1: 936% rank 6: 1148% rank 11: 1361% rank 16: 1626%

CHAIN CLAW: CD depends on rank. 833 MP. 3 SP rank 1, then 1 SP per rank. Can be cast by right-clicking after phantom claw, rage claw, blitz claw, rampage claw.

rank 1: 15s CD, 784% rank 6: 13.5s CD, 993% rank 11: 12s CD, 1202%
rank 16: 10.5s CD, 1411%

HANDS OF VENGEANCE: CD depends on rank. 2000 MP. 3 SP for first rank, then 1 SP per rank. RANK 11 RECOMMENDED> NOT RANK 6> NOT RANK 16> Slight delay after casting.

rank 1: 24s CD, 1248% rank 6: 22s CD, 1805% rank 11: 20s CD, 2361%
rank 15: 20s CD, 2600% rank 16(tech only): 18s CD, 2918%

RAMPAGE CLAW: 30s CD, 3333 MP. 3 SP for first rank, then 1 SP per rank. NOT RECOMMENDED to go past rank 1. This skill lost its mojo in T5. There are much more powerful skills now. 50% chance to stun mobs. Deals additional DMG to stun-resistant mobs depending on rank. This additional DMG uses only your current MGC DMG, and does not increase with +Dark attack %%, -Dark resist %%, or DMG debuffs on mobs.

rank 1: 850%, +290% MGC DMG bonus rank 6: 1056%, +340% MGC DMG bonus.
rank 11: 1262%, 390% MGC DMG bonus.

RAGE CLAW: 17s CD. 0 MP. 3 SP for first rank. DO NOT go past rank 1. Jump higher to use 4 mid-air strikes. Left-click after using blitz claw to auto-cast in air. (There is a better combo with blitz claw/ rage claw that will be covered in the recommendations section of this thread).

rank 1: 88%, can pierce thru mobs.

BLITZ CLAW: CD depends on rank. 0 MP. 3 SP for first rank. DO NOT go past rank 1. This skill has a hit limit, meaning after 2 hits, it deals a lot less DMG. The first 2 hits deal 50% of board DMG each. After 2 hits, each hit deals 10% board dmg each. 5 hits means only 130% board DMG.

rank 1: 19s CD, 377%

SPIRIT THORNS: 13s CD. 0 MP. 1 SP for first rank. DO NOT go past rank 1. Left-click after tumbling to cast. A must have skill that activates new lvl 90 passive.

rank 1: 269%

HUMILIATION: 10s CD. 0 MP. 3 SP for first rank. DO NOT go past rank 1. Causes 'stigma' status on hit mob. Spirit creeps, Ghost gate, and Ghostly web each gain +1 projectile for each mob affected by 'stigma'. Lasts 17s.

rank 1: 197% 

PUPPET: 30s CD. 0 MP. 10 SP for only rank. Can be cast immediately. Upon casting and every 2s afterwards, applies a debuff to nearby mobs which lasts 2s. You must cast right beside a boss to have constant debuff applied. Affected mobs take +20% more DMG. When debuff is refreshed, puppet loses 20% of its own HP. It will stay on the field until its HP reaches ZERO. Puppet only refreshes debuff if mobs are nearby. So if boss moves away, puppet will stay on field until boss re-enters AOE. CURRENTLY IN WAVE 2 OF T5, PUPPET CAN BE HEALED, GREATLY INCREASING ITS DURATION ON THE FIELD!!! 

SPIRIT CREEPS: 13s CD. 370 MP. 3 SP for first rank, then 1 SP per rank. Causes 'curse' status on targets. Curse can be stacked up to 3 times. Cursed mobs take 100% of ur current MGC DMG every 2s per stack, totaling 300% of ur MGC DMG. Cursed mobs also have their resistences lowered by -5% per stack, totaling -15%. If mobs with 'stigma' are near by, gain 1 projectile per mob. Curse duration increases with rank. (currently other server isn't patched. only rank 19 DMG listed)

rank 1: 10s DURA rank 6: 12s DURA rank 11: 14s DURA
rank 16: 16s DURA rank 19: 16s DURA, 420% per projectile

SNAKES: 17s CD. 952 MP. 3 SP for first rank, then 1 SP per rank. NOT RECOMMENDED to go past rank 1. Causes 'slow status' on mobs. Decreases movement/attack SPD of mobs by 30%. Duration increases with rank. This is a must have skill for T4, however its not needed in T5, except to skip bar mechs. Max slow is 30% in T5 for all skills and any sorc can keep almost permanent slow with glacial spike. The 30% isn't really noticeable either. (server currently not patched, only rank 18 DMG listed)

rank 1: 5s DURA rank 6: 6s DURA rank 11: 7s DURA rank 16: 8s DURA 
rank 18: 8s DURA, 492%

GHOSTLY WEB: CD depends on rank. 0 MP. 3 SP for first rank, then 1 SP after. NOT RECOMMENDED to go part rank 1. Similar snakes, this skill lost its mojo. Reduces mobs move/attack SPD by -30%. Easier to cancel bar mechs with this skill tho. Duration increases with rank. +1 projectile for each mob with stigma.

rank 1: 16s CD, 3s DURA, 40% rank 6: 14s CD, 4.5s DURA, 54%
rank 11: 12s CD, 6s DURA, 67% rank 16: 10s CD, 7.5s DURA, 81%

GHOST GATE: 35s CD. 3076 MP. 3 SP for first rank, then 1 SP. Summons a gate that shoots projectiles at mobs and causes 'curse'. Shoots 3 projectiles at a time in 4 bursts, totaling 12 projectiles. Will shoot 4 projectiles at a time in 4 bursts if boss has 'stigma', totaling 16 projectiles. Video in skill description shows 7 bursts, this is WRONG. Even in T4, gate only has 4 bursts. (server not yet patched, rank 16 DMG listed)

rank 16 (only possible with tech or +1 plate): 347% per projectile, totaling 5552% with stigma.

SPIRIT WOLF: 27s CD. 3137 MP. 3 SP for first rank, then 1 SP. Causes 'curse' status. Duration of curse increases with rank. (server not patched, rank 13 DMG listed)

rank 1: 10s DURA rank 6: 12s DURA rank 11: 14s DURA
rank 13: 14s DURA, 4016%

UNHOLY GROUND: 40s CD. 0 MP. 3 SP for first rank. DO NOT go past rank 1. Deals DMG every 2s. Lasts 15s, totaling 8 hits. A must have skill to activate lvl 65 passive.

rank 1: 156% every 2s. rank 6: 192% every 2s.

BEGRUDGE: 45s CD. 0 MP. 3 SP for first rank. DO NOT GO PAST RANK 1!!!!. Lasts 10s on the field. Increases your MGC DMG by +15% as long as you are within AOE. MGC DMG buff DOES NOT increase with rank. Deals very little DMG total. DOES NOT provide infinite SA.

rank 1: 104% total board DMG, or roughly 10.4% per hit.

SACRIFICE: no CD. 0 MP. 10 SP for only rank. Increases MGC DMG by +17% at the cost of 415 HP every 2s. 

PHANTOM AVENGER: 125s CD. 0 MP. 4 SP total to get to rank 2. DO NOT STAY AT RANK 1. RANK 2 IS A MUST FOR ALL PVE DARK SUMMONERS. DO NOT GET DRAGON BITE!!! You can be knocked out of this skill while casting, highly recommended to use Phantom guard before casting.

rank 2: 7723%, increase movement/attack SPD by +30%. Reduce all CD by -30%. Lasts 18s. Invincible while active. Reduce DMG taken by 50% while casting.


CHAOS: 30s CD. 4166 MP. 3 SP for rank 1, then 1 sp after. You can't move while casting.

rank 1: 2410% rank 6: 2912% rank 11: 3413%

SHADOW EUPHORIA: no CD. 4000 MP. 10 SP for only rank. Lasts 20s. Self buff that provides HP regen based on DMG you deal, as well as some Dark attack and FD. Can be stacked up to 3 times. Each stack provides 10,000 HP regen, +10% dark attack, +7% FD - totaling 30,000 HP regen, +30% dark attack, +21% FD. You must left-click after casting to get 3 stacks. If you press skill key you will simply refresh and add 1 stack per refresh. Refreshing prevents you from healing. You must let the duration end completely, then restack 3x for constant heals every 20s. OR you can simply cast every 19s to refresh the duration w/o heals.


PHANTOM CLAW EX: Increases phantom claw DMG by +30%. Doubles MP cost to 832 MP.

CHAIN CLAW EX: Right-click after chain claw for an additional hit. Added hits DMG is 30% of chain claw board DMG. Can cast Chain claw in the air by pressing jump while mid-air. Must land before you can right-click for 2nd hit. Doubles MP cost to 1666 MP.

HANDS OF VENGEANCE EX: Increases HoV DMG by +30%. Applies a -20% crit resist debuff to mobs hit. Lasts 10s. Doubles MP cost to 4000 MP.

RAMPAGE CLAW EX: Left-click after RamClaw for additional hit. Added hits DMG is 30% of RamClaw board DMG, and activate another bonus hit of MGC DMG. Doubles MP cost to 6666 MP.

CHAOS EX: Increases DMG by 50%. Can use another skill right after casting. Slows mobs by 30% for 10s. Slow does not affect bosses. Doubles MP cost to 8332 MP.


UNHOLY ADVENT/ ADVENT PHANTOM CLAW: Every crit you land with 
chaos, HoV, RamClaw, chain claw, phantom claw, rage claw, or blitz claw, will grant 1 bubble. After 20 bubbles are collected, cast ''UNHOLY ADVENT'' to deal 8 hits of unholy ground immediately, and regen around 10% MP. Unholy advent has no CD. After casting unholy advent, you have 5s to cast ''ADVENT PHANTOM CLAW'' which deals 300% of NON EX phantom claw DMG, and is not increased by phantom claw plate. Advent phantom claw has a CD of 15s, and DOES NOT share a CD with phantom claw.

with unholy ground rank 1: 156% x8, or 1248%

with phantom claw rank 16: 1573% x3, or 4719%.

It is recommended to treat the Advent combo like a 2nd chaos, and should be used in burst windows if possible. 


HANDS OF VENGEANCE EX INSTANT: After using spirit thorns, you have 3s to cast HoV ex instant. HovEi has a CD of 14s, and also applies the -20% crit debuff, that lasts for 10s. It is recommended that you HoVEi and Hov 10s apart, to keep a constant -20% crit res debuff on boss. This means that neither HoV or HoVEi will always be part of your burst rotation. Sometimes they are, but mostly they are not.
This passive also increases your crit by 10%. This is NOT static 10%, meaning if you only have 40% crit in town, it will increase your crit to 44%.


There are 3 different types of 'stats' to be worried about as a DS. I will breifly explain what they are, then list recommendations.

TYPE 1 - BASIC: Your basic stats are STR/AGI/INT/VIT. Utilizing gems, plates, and costumes will increase these amount by a base, and a percent. For T5, really only 1m hp is needed, however, 600k is enough for experienced players. Since you can easily reach this amount w/o gems, It is recommended to have at least 7 INT gems.
1000 INT is equal to 800 MGC DMG for DS. With INT plate and 7+ INT gems, you can passively increase your INT by roughly 35%. This means that 1000 INT will become 1350 INT, which becomes 1080 MGC DMG. Keep this 1080 MGC DMG in mind when we look at the other 2 stats.

TYPE 2 - WHAT IS INCREASED BY BASIC STATS: This includes stats like HP/MP/CRIT/MGC DMG. Just like plates, gems, and costumes increasing INT percent, there are ones that increase HP/MP/CRIT/MGC DMG percent. There are buffs exclusive to DS that increase these stats aswell. There are also buffs in T5 like battle howl or weapon skill gems that increase base MGC DMG, that is then further increased by DS %% buffs. With a plate and costume for MGC DMG %%, you should be able to get close to a 17% passive increase. That 1080 DMG from the previous paragraph would become 1264 just from the plate and costume.

TYPE 3 - INVISIBLE STATS: This includes Dark attack %%, and FD %%. After increasing your INT, to increase ur MGC DMG, invisible multipliers increase it further. With gems, costumes, and a title, you can reach roughly 42% dark passively, and roughly 10% FD. Dark attack %% is calculated after MGC %% but before FD %%. This means the 1264 MGC DMG stated earlier would be treated as 1795 MGC DMG with the 42% dark, and then treated as 1975 MGC DMG with 10% FD. So with just a few gems, plates, and costumes, that 800 MGC DMG sure is dealing a lot more than before ^_^. Now on to recommendations.


First off, skill build!!!! 

Second. Contrary to popular belief, Radiants are your best friend. Ones with INT sparks are your bestest friends. So are DDNL rings with MGC DMG and dark%% sparks.
Also dark gems in weapons, dark resist skill gems in weapons. Dark %% titles, costumes, everything dark dark dark. And MGC DMG %%, lots and lots of MGC DMG %%. You can mix multiple costumes to gets optimal %%. NOW remeber that 1000 INT from before? let see it in a possible scenario with max buffs/debuffs

1000 int x (1.40 from gear) x (1.60 from genie and Kasarana merc) = 2240 INT
2240 INT = 1792 MGC DMG

1792 MGC DMG x (1.30 from gear) x (1.64 from stone/dragon buffs and sacri/begrudge)
= 3821 MGC DMG

3821 MGC DMG x (1.93 dark%% from gear and Euphoria) = 7375 DARK DMG

7375 x (1.31 FD from gear and euphoria) = 9661 DARK DMG

9661 x (1.35 -dark resist from curse/gravity crush) = 13042 DMG DMG

13042 x (1.2 from puppet) = 15650 DMG DMG

15650 x (2.0? idr remember kasarana freeze XD) = 31300 DMG DMG DARK DMG

31300 x (14.11 which is chain claw rank 11 %%) = 441643 WOW DMG

So, in a scenario with full buff/debuff, 1000 INT is roughly 441k more DMG on chain claw alone. Imagine with 25k+ INT.... (I didn't even add dark resist skill gems, imagine that too XD). 

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