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Dragon Nest Level 90 Moonlord Details, Skill Changes + Skill Build

So? How cool Moonlord at level 90 cap you ask? VERY COOL!

Below are the details, changes and a recommended skill build for Moonlords at level 90 cap.

But before anything else, I just want to state that the details you will see below are from a DN player on KR server named Kuryu. Thanks to him, we now have an idea or should I say, a complete picture of Moonlord at 90 cap.

The video below shows you what Flash Stance EX Instant looks like. Moonblade dance remains unchanged.


Flash Stance EX Instant:
After tumbling, there is a window to activate Flash Stance EX. It fires multiple waves at a time at high speed for 2-3 seconds. After using the EX, it will begin its own CD (Same CD duration as regular Flash Stance).

Flash Stance EX does not share cooldown with regular Flash Stance. Both can be cast one after the other. The final slash can be cast during Flash Stance EX.

The damage % of each individual wave is identical to normal flash stance, however while using the skill our mdmg stat is passively boosted by 5% for the duration of the skill only.

Revamped Parry (One Active Skill)
Counterslash, parry stance and the passive parry have all been removed entirely from the skill tree, and replaced by a combination of the 3 as shown in the vid.

Damage Values: 1110% at level 1, 2160% level 2.

NOTE: The new Parry requires 10 SP to level to 1, and another 10 SP to level 2.

Skill Tree Changes to Warrior/Swordmaster/LK

Raw Stat/Skill Changes

Every 1 int = 1 magic damage in town. Changed from 1 = 0.5.

As soon as you specialize as a Lunar Knight, all skill damage will be calculated from your current magic damage.

Which means skills like destructive swing, triple slash, etc. will all deal magical damage along with halfmoon slash, etc.

Due to this, Lunar Knights now have an option in investing further SP into what once were Gladiator side skills such as Triple Slash.

The Passive

Lunar Knight 65 passive has been nerfed post T5. Instead of gaining 1.6 magic damage per int, it is now 1.2.

Note; Because all skills are based off magical damage as an LK, they all activate the passive now, even kicks.

Active Skill Changes

In general, the board damage of gladiator skills were increased, while the LK side was nerfed.
These are not comparisons from T4 to T5.

These values are post T5 only, showing the values at levels 1 and max.

Luring Slice is now nerfed to 20% physical/magical debuff. (10sec duration)

Courageous shout no longer debuffs Super Armor.

Removed/Changed Skills

Lifesaver has been replaced with a 10% physical/magical damage buff. 300 second duration, 30 second cooldown. Essentially a permanent buff, however can be wiped.

Skill Build Post T5 (Somewhat Finalised)

Random damage testing in a 90 abyss daily.

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