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Destiny: Warning! Items Sent to Postmaster Can Be Permanently Lost!

Items sent to the postmaster can be permanently LOST if you turn off your console before returning to orbit! or if you switch characters/log out!

Bungie just posted a new article about this: https://www.bungie.net/en/Help/Article/13965

If you complete a raid (or complete any other activity) and then switch characters, log out, turn off your console, put it into rest mode, close the destiny app, or get disconnected instead of returning to orbit with your current character first, ANY AND ALL ITEMS you didn't have room to pick up will be PERMANENTLY LOST (even if your postmaster is not full).

This is because the items are only sent to the postmaster when you go back to orbit after the activity! Be careful out there guardians. Don't lose any important items!

As a day one player I had absolutely NO IDEA about this. I believe that I personally have lost a LOT of items due to this. Previously, I would very often finish a raid or a nightfall, then switch characters to do the activity with another character or log off, or just turn the game off when done before going back to orbit. I am definitely going to try to remember to change that now!!

Unknowns (not adressed in the article):
  • We also don't know if completing an activity then going to a matchmaking/loading screen (for example in between 2 crucible matches or in between 2 strikes) counts as "returning to orbit" for the purpose of this mechanic.
  • Similarly, we don't know what happens if you join a friend in another activity (with the same character) before returning to orbit after your current activity. You do go through a loading/matchmaking screen but we don't know if this counts as "returning to orbit" or if items on the ground would be lost in this case.
  • Items that drop on the ground (like drops from king's fall raid bosses) may have different treatment than end of activity screen rewards (such as an item obtained from the nightfall reward screen). The end of activity screen rewards may be sent directly to the postmaster without the player being required to return to orbit, while items dropped on the ground and not picked up will be lost.

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