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Destiny TTK: List of Missions Which Will Spawn You on Specific Locations

This is probably common knowledge to the more experienced players, but others, like the newbies, might find it useful.

It's usually faster just to fly into a specific area instead of flying in on patrol and riding there on your sparrow. It's particularly useful when you're trying to catch a public event since a part of the fly-in time counts to get you in a zone before the event starts so you don't end up in a new instance without an event.

These are missions that will spawn you into public instances of public areas. The patrol beacons are inactive in these instances, but other than that everything else should work the same as patrol. 

Note: This list does not include strike spawns because using strikes to spawn in somewhere is pretty low.

  • Skywatch: The Last Array (requires saving a checkpoint)
  • Mothyards: The Last Array (start in hard mode to keep the Skywatch checkpoint)
  • Forgotten Shore: The Promethean Code
  • The Divide: The Silent Fang
  • Rocketyard: The Kings of Decay
  • Hellmouth: Shrine of Oryx
  • Ishtar Cliffs: Wolves Gambit
  • Waking Ruins: Vault of Glass, Queen's Ransom
  • Rubicon Wastes: The Prime's Path
  • Buried City: Tenebrous Tunnels
  • Valley of the Kings: A New Den
Notably missing:
  • Anchor of Light (You can backtrack from the Temple of Crota checkpoint in the Dark Beyond)
  • Ember Caves
  • The Citadel
  • The Ishtar Commons
  • The Hollows
  • Scablands
  • The Mausoleum
  • Hall of Souls (Court of Oryx)
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