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Destiny Tip: Defenders Are Extremely Powerful in Crucible if You Know How to Use Them

The Defender class, paired with a solid shotgun and talented raw gun-skill, is an absolute brute purple force to be reckoned with in the Crucible.

Since the game's release, my personal favorite is Sunbreaker. However, I have a change of heart when Bungie has added a new thing of beauty in the game called No Backup Plans! 

So if you didn't know, the No Backup Plans got a nice little update which allows Force Barrier to trigger upon Shotgun kills. Not only that, but it also increases the duration of Force Barrier as well. 
Bonus Tip: An additional note is that the Force Barrier activates even when suppressed. Noticed this in Crucible earlier when I ended up in a Nightstalker trap, blasting the guy next to me away. Saved my ass. Testing on Patrol afterwards, this also works if you suppress yourself with the Suppressor Grenade. And presumably if another Defender's grenade does the same.
Pretty niche I know but hope it's handy to someone!

Couple this with maxed Strength (giving FB a hot 25s cooldown), and you can easily have your barrier up constantly. It may help that I've got 26k kills with Shotguns. (Yes, I'm that sliding shotgun Titan asshole. Sorry in advance). Running Unbreakable aswell is a staple, as it increases the strength and furthers the duration even more, and your shield RECHARGES. This is INSANE! And finally, the added bonus: Weapons of Light. Let me tell you now.

Weapons of Light + The Chaperon = 1HKs from nearly twice the range of y1 Felwinter..

There have been far too many times I've taken out 3+ people with my Force Barrier up, Weapons of Light, and Chaperon. Not to mention countless clutches in Trials, and single-handed wipes on Salvage and Skirmish. Guys, this build is no joke and I in no way am exaggerating its legality. This class turns you into a brutting fucking tank.

There's one catch about this class/build that some people may or may not appreciate: This is a build that's focused strictly around gun skill. Your super is only an added bonus, that buffs your weapons and turns you into even more of a monster IF your gun-skills are on point.

Also, I can't tell you how many times I've gotten away with a kill or two thanks to Magnetic Grenade. That thing isn't a joke. With a little aim (which, if you're using this build, should already be pretty decent), you can get consistent, and reliable kills with this little purple ball of death.

I'm sorry this post wasn't professionally written out, but I didn't know how else to get this out other than just dumping a bunch of text onto the page. 

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