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Destiny Tip: Skills Are More Important Than Light Level in Iron Banner

It's a case of correlation and not causation. The reason why players who have higher KD's with higher light levels isn't because the light level itself imposes that much of an improvement in damage. It's because they have most likely invested more time into the game (hence the higher light) and are more experienced at the crucible.

Let us use some math to prove this.

For example if you're 313 light (L313) and going against a L303, or L293, this is how it will affect you. I'm going to assume were using Hawksaw as the primary. You can use the chart here, and using extroopers spreadsheet here for reference.

Here's the format: Precision damage (from spreadsheet) X number of shots per burst X number of bursts X delta reduction (from chart) = 205 (That number is the HP of a max armor titan. If it goes higher than 205 then lets label it as overkill)
  • L313 vs L313: 27 x 3 x 3 x 1 = 243
  • L303 vs L313: 27 x 3 x 3 x .975 = 236.975
  • L293 vs L313: 27 x 3 x 3 x .96 = 233.38
Notice how a 3 burst headshot is ALWAYS lethal to a titan? What about damage that you would take?
  • L313 vs 303: 27 x 3 x 3 x 1.025 = 249.07
  • L313 vs 283: 27 x 3 x 2 x 1.06 = 171.72
Even in the case of a 313 going against a 283 light armored hunter (186 hp) it's STILL not enough damage to kill him in 2 bursts even with 30 light levels difference. The only time light level (within reason) is going to make a significant difference is when your damage would just barely be high enough to kill a target in normal crucible.

So it stands to reason that you can put a tin foil hat on and say that Bungle is just encouraging people to keep playing in hopes that they acquire better gear to make them hit this theoretical light level to make them ''improve their chances in the next IB'', when in actuality, you'd benefit MUCH, MUCH more from just practicing your crucible game with your friends.

Extro Note: There may be some complaints that this math is simplified, but there is also a hidden agenda here. In this page, the general methods and resources that were used to see how light affects the player's loadouts of choice, and in the various scenarios he came across based on his play style. This process will not need to be modified in future content, and you can use this template to figure out how your loadout of choice is affected by light level, and modify my technique to the scenarios you personally encounter on a regular basis.

Also, take note that pulses which specifically fall in that range where light CAN have a larger influence on Time To Kill (TTK) and fall in the 2-3 burst range are being nerfed BEFORE the next Iron Banner.(Also note: Currently, it's about 25 light levels difference for a Nirwen's going from being able to 2 burst a hunter to being able to 2 burst a titan)

You can also take the values provided in last week's weekly update to your weapon/arch-type of choice and figure out how the nerf will affect it. IE Hawksaw receiving 8% damage reduction.
  • L313 vs L313: 27 x .92 x 3 x 3 x 1 = 223.56
  • L293 vs L313: 27 x .92 x 3 x 3 x .96 = 214.62
It will still be a 3 hit kill at 20 light levels difference, but this won't illustrate how range damage drop-off will change the effectiveness of this weapon, but you can see with these new values it doesn't allow for much error for it to be a 3 hit kill. To figure out HOW much room for error is allowable (and how many shots can hit the body instead) you can apply this math as well.

Number of Body shots allowed = ( Overkill - 205) / ((Precision damage - Body shot damage) X delta reduction)

EG: Say for example you want to find out using your L293 vs L313 Hawksaw, post patch; with 3 bursts how many shots within those bursts can be body shots and still land a kill on a 205 HP titan.
  • Body shots = (214.62 - 205) / ((27 - 18) x.92 ) = 1.16
So only 1 shot can be a body shot within a 3 burst.

Note: in this case ''delta reduction'' can be either the light level difference (from the chart) or it can be used to apply weapon nerfs/buffs. But because his overkill value is already based on a light level reduction, he don't need to tack it on in this calculation.

We should thank Bungle for providing us with the power curve to allow us to do these calculations.

Note: HP values are improperly skewed in this guide. If this post is still precise, then max HP of a Titan is only 199. So anywhere you see ''205'', you can recalculate those values with a more appropriate HP of 199.

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