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Destiny Tip: Proper Utilization of Three of Coins (How to Get 9 Exotics Out of 10 Coins Used)

As you all may know, last week we were made aware that we still have not discovered the proper utilization of Three of Coins.

After some thorough testing over the weekend, along with the help of fellow guardians learning the true nature of the Three of Coins tarot, a guaridan believed that there is a direct relation with the vanguard strike streak to our precious 3oC. This method has given him 9 exotics out of 10 coins used.

Here are the steps...

  1. Make sure that you do not have the 3oC buff active (kill a ultra if you do)
  2. Load into the vanguard strike playlist (Heroic strikes seem to work as well)
  3. Complete two strikes without 3oC
  4. On the beginning of the third strike (once you have loaded in, and are on the ground) activate a Three of Coin and proceed the strike as normal
  5. Killing an ultra has given them a 90% chance of an exotic
  6. Exit back to orbit and return to the playlist

Note: If the third strike is dust palace, complete it and pop the three of coin on the forth strike and we also received an exotic, you can do this solo or with a partial fireteam. We Did experiment with popping the Three of Coins too early (at the end of the second strike), this resulted in no exotic while his friend who was running the strikes with him popped his at the beginning of the third resulted in an exotic for him.

To prove that this is working, they have tried it the second time. They loaded into the vanguard strike playlist with one other person in their fireteam. Then completed the Saber strike, then Dust Palace. At the beginning of the darkblade (third strike), his friends popped their 3oc. They got to the end without any wipes. Before dropping down, he then popped his three of coins. They killed the darkblade without any wipes, they both then got exotic drops (primary and chest). Then after that, he loaded into a solo strike, completed the dust palace, undying mind, and then on the saber strike he popped another three of coins as he dropped down into the boss room. Upon completing the strike (again, no wipes) he got another exotic (helm).

So possibly, this is the right way to utilize three of coins. This need further testing though so if you guardians out there have time, you can try it out also and confirm that this strategy is working. 

There's a survey right now to confirm if this strategy is working. And you can be part of it by going to this link> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1BGPJHx1c1mdd3CvcN1hu02Rb_94WzswOz0kkfPXdecc/viewform?c=0&w=1

Let's help each other guys so we can finally solve this mystery on how to properly utilize 3oC.

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Credits: Special thanks to ifonefox for sharing this tip.