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Destiny Tip: A Perfectly Timed Shadestep Can Dodge Auto-Track Targeting System From Certain Grenades

Here's a tip you should not missed out!

Well, for those who doesn't know yet, a perfectly timed shadestep can dodge auto-track targeting system from certain grenades (lol, I just copied the title). When you perfectly timed your shadestep, the targeting system which is embedded into certain grenades in the Crucible will be nulled. The result is that with good reaction/timing, you can perfectly evade to take 0 damage from these grenades, even if you are within attacking range of the grenade. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then check out the video by the youtuber named Fallout Plays which basically explains how this is done:

To make it clearer the youtuber did a demonstration by using a Firebolt Grenade. As you all know, Firebolt Grenade is programmed to hit the ground, quickly scan the immediate area for potential targets, and then it shoots any target nearby with pretty perfect accuracy.

During that brief moment when the Firebolt grenade hits the ground and it's scanning the area to find a target to auto-hit, this is your time to evade. Basically this moment. Using shadestep right then bypasses the auto-target, and you end up taking 0 damage.

From the above screenshot, here's how that situation unfolded. No damage taken.

Since this works with any grenade that features some kind of auto-targeting/tracking system, this works with multiple grenades, including the Firebolt, Arcbolt, Axion Bolt, Skip, and Swarm grenades.

In addition, someone also said that it is also applicable to blink where if you're blinking, you can dodge an Arcbolt and a Firebolt.

Probably, this discovery made by this guy is one helpful stuff especially to those Crucible fanatics. It's a great addition to the other discoveries like tanking hammer of sol and other great ways to dodge damage in PvP matches. 

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Credits: Special thanks to SHITBEARDTHEPIRATE for sharing his discovery to the Destiny universe.