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Destiny Tip: A New Way to Shoulder Charge!

Okay. I dont know if you guys know this yet but I saw a guy on youtube performing what seems to be a new way to shoulder charge. Well, it's kinda new for me so I thought I will share it to you guys... In case you don't know it yet..

Essentially, you want to build up your shoulder charge. While it is charged up, if you see someone, you want to slide towards them. Then, you want to activate the charge before the slide ends.

What makes this more fun is when you start doing shotgun sliding. Before you're slide finishes, if you shoot your shotgun and activate your charge immediately after your shot, you will still charge.

The Pros of this is the charge still maintains some target homing and if your shotgun shot doesn't kill the opponent, it also has a bit of range to finish the opponent so you don't have to rely on T-Rex arms

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Credits: Special thanks to youtuber ashkash13 _ for discovering this and sharing it.