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Destiny Tip: How to Have Multiple Chances in Getting Grasp of Malok in Just One Strike (Will of Crota)

Alot of people when trying to run the strike, don't seem to realize you can have multiple chances at Grasp of Malok in one strike without involving any suicide techniques. So here's how to do it:

Note: Before we go with spme nitty-gritty details, we just like to state that this is not 100% grasp of malok drop. What we mean is, you might just get one grasp of malok at the end of each strike. But the good side is, it is guaranteed that if it is not a grasp of malok, then the other drop would be something good like omnigul bond.

Things you need to know.

1) Get a fireteam, don't go in with randoms via matchmaking. Bring AT LEAST one hunter with a black hole tether and another high orb generating class (i would suggest stormcaller with transcendence)

2) Make sure to bring high damage/impact heavy weapons for backup. Gjallahorn, sleeper simulant and the solar/void swords work great. DO NOT USE THE ARC SWORD.

3) Kill omnigul in the area as shown in the beginning of the video with the above tactics. She will drop you loot as if you just beat the strike. Keep in mind that the Ads WILL NOT despawn so kill them afterwards to get back supers and ammo. Proceed to the final room of the strike like normal and omnigul will be there respawned and with full health like you didn't just like her sindel bitch ass already.

Kill her again and she will once again give you strike-ending loot. So with this, you will have 2 chances at grasp of malok per strike.

You can check out the video for demonstration of this strategy below:

Important Notes:
  • Alternatively, You can also kill omnigul in the garage hallway and then have your fireteam suicide or get killed by ads and respawn in the garage again. If you're patient you can recharge supers/ammo and kill her in the hallway once again. The only issue with this method is, if you dont die quick enough and she teleports, your checkpoint will automatically become the final room instead of the garage.
  • Three of coins do not work on omnigul, Don't waste your time with that.
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Credits: Special thanks to NYR Bure10 for the tip.