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Destiny Tip: How to Avoid Getting Revive Sniped in Trials of Osiris

Here's a quick tip on how to avoid getting revived sniped in Trials. There's more than one way to do this, but so far, this is the most easy to learn method.

Since more and more people are having slightly more difficulty going flawless in Y2,  here's a short video on this technique if you care to watch.

But if you prefer to read (or both), carry on.

Most people call this the 'Revive Push', but a more accurate description would probably be the 'Revive - Pause - Sprint - Slide'. The goal is basically to revive your teammate who you know is being hard-scoped, have their body pop up, then right before the waiting sniper picks them off, you sprint/crouch slide directly into your revived teammates body, pushing them out of the way of the incoming headshot.

It's very important to understand that this is NOT a guaranteed success every time. There are many factors in play that will determine if you/your teammate live or die when doing this. The biggest factors, IMO, are where on the map your teammate's body is, and where on the map he/she is being watched from by the enemy Sniper. Trying to pull this off out in the open with absolutely no nearby cover is almost a guaranteed failure. If your teammate happens to die in an area where there is a generous amount of nearby cover, your chances of success go up noticeably. Areas like Doorways (Cauldron, The Dungeons, etc) or tight hallways (Horseshoe on Firebase Delphi, Tunnels on Thieves Den, etc) work best, as the enemy Sniper will not always have a perfect line-of-sight on the body. If you suspect that the enemy Sniper has a less than perfect shot lined up, you may definitely want to consider using this move.

Here's a gif comparison from the POV of the Sniper of your basic, every day revive snipe, compared with a demonstration of the Revive Push. Again, having the safety of nearby cover is key.

After pulling off a successful revive push, you have to work quickly. I've found that the best two options are either a) you and your now-revived teammate immediately put suppressing fire on the enemy sniper (depending on how far away they are), with the goal of either team-shooting them to death, or simply forcing them to fall back and find cover. Or b) you and your now-revived teammate immediately bounce out. If there's plenty of nearby cover available, option b) is perfectly doable.

Here's an in-game example of the Revive Push on this past weekend's map, Firebase Delphi. Teammate was being hard-scoped by a Sniper at back horseshoe. I had cover, revive, pushed, and we both immediately scattered.

As mentioned, there are other ways to avoid getting tagged on revive, most of them involving toying with the enemy Snipers aim assist. This is not the only way but, this technique is the way to discover all that other method to avoid getting revive sniped in ToO.

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Credits: Special thanks to SHITBEARDTHEPIRATE for this tip.