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Destiny Tip: Easiest Way to Get Your Black Spindle Today

This is going to be pretty self-explanatory to some and it might even be repetitive to others, but with the Spindle coming around again, there are a plethora of tips and guides for how to clear this event. 

Bonus Tip: Focus on the Blights.

At every stage, the Blights are your real enemies. This is easy enough to see until you reach that final room. Once you reach Driviks, you're going to see that giant, blind-spamming target sitting in the middle of the room just asking to be destroyed by a hail of headshots and slashes. Don't! Don't do it. You are conditioned to burn down bosses, but it's a trap - punishment for our bursty meta. If you focus Driviks, you will have to swim through an ocean of Psions who will multiply faster than you can kill them while also dealing with Centurions, Knights, and Captains all at once. Unless you hate yourself, you don't want this. The real goal here is the same as it was in previous rooms: kill the Blights first.

Kill the Blights, kill all the adds, and then focus on the boss in a room devoid of any threats. More Blights won't spawn until you reach certain health "checkpoints" much like the Omnigul fight, but if you don't clear them as you go, more adds will continue to spawn even after the boss has died. This makes bursting the boss down both ineffective and detrimental when the mission is to clear all the enemies. Once you've hit that point in his health where more Blights spawn, stop attacking the boss and repeat the cycle of Blights, adds, and boss. Do this two more times and you're golden.

You don't need special weapons like the Raze Lighter or Sleeper (though, if you bought the Zhalo from Xûr, you've got yourself a viable Psionclast). You don't need to hurry and put yourself in a bad position. As long as you kill the Blights and adds first, that final room becomes a lot less lethal because - let's face it - Driviks himself is a pushover. By clearing the adds as they spawn and then focusing the boss only after the room is cleared, you can beat that mission on our you first try with a minute to spare despite "wiping" twice and my friend having never even attempted this mission before (the lucky bastard will never know the struggle of trying for hours only to watch the mission leave before you have the chance to complete it...), so this method is extremely user-friendly.

Good luck to everyone out there trying to clear this, and remember: Blights are priority #1 regardless of how big the enemies in the room are.

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Credits: Guide by Lucky_Number_Sleven