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Destiny Tip: Common Mistakes in the "No-Knight" Strategy in King's Fall Hardmode and How to Correct Them

There are lot groups now that have done the HM of King's Fall through the no-knight-strat. And, many believed that this is a solid strategy, but it makes Oryx a VERY easy fight, as long as everyone is executing their role. It's likely that several members of the fireteam could get through the entire encounter never taking damage from enemy fire.

But, what makes this fight tricky is that everyone needs to be ON POINT. And more often than not, you catch someone thinking they are doing everything right, but they're making a small mistake somewhere which could quickly lead to a wipe. Here are some of the most common issues most Guardians run into, and how to correct them.

1. People dying while activating blights. Probably the most common issue, and it could have multiple causes, but all of them are very simple to correct. The first thing I want to say is this: It does NOT matter how far away your blight is. If you are doing things correctly you WILL be able to activate it and get back to the relic in time to avoid death. "My blight was far away" is never an excuse. It implies there is a random factor to the fight - and there isn't.

So, how to correct it? Well, there are two things to be aware of. The first is making sure everyone is killing their ogres at almost the exact same time. When you get up to the sister-platform, you should have quite a bit of time before Oryx slams and opens his chest. Even after he slams, you have about 5 more seconds before he becomes vulnerable. During this gap of time, make sure your designated Ogre is as close to death as possible without actually killing it. Sometimes, people calling "kill ogres" and 1 goes down 5 seconds before the last. That's too much of a gap. The 2nd thing to be aware of - the INSTANT your ogre goes down, you need to be jumping to your blight. If you're a warlock DON'T float way too high and create a huge arch that makes you take longer to get there. You are straight-lining it to your blight ASAP. Some people like to do a countdown and that just gives knights more time to get to you. If you're killing ogres at the same time, don't do a count down.

Lastly, while activating blights. Don't draw attention to yourself. The only enemies that should (sometimes) get close to you are thrall. if you ABSOLUTELY need to, every class has a fail-safe ability they can use. Warlocks can get an overshield using their melee if a thrall gets close, Titans can use a bubble (not recommended since there are better times to use it), and hunters can use smoke bombs to stay invisible.

2. Knights are deactivating blights. If you've corrected the issues from number 1, you're going to correct this issue too. It simply means you are either not killing the ogres tight enough (timing wise), or you're taking too long to get to your blight. Easy fix here is to make sure everyone is ready to kill their ogres. Take a few seconds after stagger and ask "are all ogres good" if someone says "no" then that person should yell "Kill" when his ogre is almost down.

3. Relic runner is getting wrecked by ogres. This is due to the floaters not hitting ogres enough. Floaters need to hit each ogre as they spawn. They don't need to get them to a specific amount of health - just hit them until the next one is about to spawn and then move on. It's more important to take agro. Like I mentioned above, everyone will have ample time to slay their own ogre after oryx is staggered. Just communicate if your ogre has too much health for an immediate kill.

4. People are getting hit by the ship. This is either a sign that your relic runner isn't fast enough, or that people aren't getting off their platforms fast enough. Make adjustments as necessary, but the important thing is that the MOMENT relic runner gets the relic, everyone needs to jump straight form their platforms onto the sister-plats.

5. Bombing phase Some people really struggle with this phase. 4 people need to have a designated platform to run around, and they should be hugging it pretty tightly. For the other 2 people, there are a few options. The one I personally like is - 1 person does figure 8s jumping from sister plat to sister plat, and the last runner groups up (close enough to be holding hands) with one of the platform runners and you two frolic like little school girls together.

These are the most common issues and the corrections we've made in order to fix them - if you're running into a different issue regularly.

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